(MOD POST) Happy Mothers’ Day!

Hello everyone, happy mothers’ day to all your mothers and all mothers reading this blog site. Enjoy your day and you all deserve the rest you need. You are always doing your jobs as a mother, or even as an individual. So it is the time for you to rest.

To my mother, Mila, I love you! Happy mothers’ day to you! I know that you are in Lucena right now, so we can’t celebrate today, I still want to thank you for being a good and loving parent! I didn’t greet you a while ago, but I just want you to know that I love you. Heehee. You always become a role model… because you sacrifice a lot for us. But then, I’m sorry for the things I did that hurt you. I may not that good daughter but I promise to make you happy always.


Speaking of  rest, you need some rest, Mr. Park Jungsoo. I just heard that he had been hospitalized and he received IV treatment because of stroke. Do you know how much I worried about your health? I know everyone does… and I know everyone wants to be there and take care of you… 😦 But then, most of us are away. 😦 So I just want you to stay where you are and rest. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING WORK TODAY OR EVEN TOMORROW. RECHARGE FIRST. Okay exaggerated na kung exaggerated. Siyempre malayo ako eh.

As if you could read this. -_-

But still, it’s your day today. I hope the other members rest too. SS3 is finally over, and it’s 5 jib already, but then… rest is essential.

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