(RP) Long Distance

Wala akong maisip na title, at gusto ko lang talagang magsulat dito sa blog na ito.

I have to be positive.

Someday, if not today, he’d notice me. He’d notice the things that I can do and others cannot. I’ll just let him do his own thing.

And about him and the person he likes, I’d not be hurt as much as possible. I’ll learn to accept that she is the person who makes him happy.

But there is only one thing that I want to ask. Did I change you for the better? Did I change your view about life and how it affects you? I’ll be really satisfied if somehow, I did, because he changed me for the better. A person would feel that he/she is loved whenever someone tries to enter his/her heart and open what’s inside it. It’s enough for me.

I’ll let you know my purpose in your life, that is, to make you happy in any possible way, even if it is to break or hurt my heart. And most importantly, I want to take care of you even if I’m far from you. Will you let me, Leeteuk?

Yeah, I know, I’m dramatic… and emotional… but… it’ll be the last. Haha!

WAIT. I have a request… before you go to the army… will you… put up your own business? Please? Please? This is my only wish for you. =))

Kanina pa ako nangungulit sa Twitter. Para akong tanga kanina. Well, hanggang ngayon. Buti na lang wala masyadong makakabasa nito. =)) Maging siya hindi ito mababasa, so wala lang ang kadramahan ko. Wag niyo na akong pansinin. 😀


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