(RP) Princess

Okay, so I watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate. I really loved their love story which was shown yesterday in TV5. It was ike a Cinderella story. Romantic and of course, there were downs in their relationship. Now, they are already married. I really know that they both love each other! And they are a cute couple.

Catherine Middleton is such a beauty. Her dress looks so fine on her. And so as Prince William. Handsome as usual.

Can you tell how sweet this is? ♥ He is obviously AND certainly happy to have Kate as his wife. And Kate is really lucky to find herself a true prince with a true heart.

Wedding of the century.

Prince Harry! ♥♥♥ You look so fine.

GIF credits from TUMBLR. 


Anyway… I also want to be the next princess…

…of my bias.

I would be happy to marry this prince. If it happens, I wouldn't hesitate to become the princess. LOL Joking.

Goodnight! 🙂 I wish all of us find our own prince/princess someday! :”> ♥


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