(RP) Kwento

So, I had a vacation for a week in our province in Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro. Overall, it was fun… but hanging. If only I could stay there for the rest of my life, but I don’t have someone to accompany me. Mamamatay ako sa kalungkutan.

My cousins and as well as my family left the island last Sunday, and only four of us, Ritchel, Rica, CJ and I, were left in our grandparent’s house. CJ went to his grandparents’ house with his father so starting from Monday, only two of my cousins were left with me.

The ship sailed smoothly. We sailed at 10am, and ate lunch there. My sister and I watched Mystery 6 and had listened to music.

We arrived there last, last Tuesday, around five o’clock. The house was full of people – aunts and uncles, cousins, and of course, my grandparents. I found Ritchel (Che-Anne) watching “My Princess” starring Kim Taehee, my sister-in-law (in my dreams). LOL.

At night, we watched Tangled, which made me cry again. T-T Then we had our dinner. After washing the dishes, we went to sleep. Yes, we did go to sleep earlier than usual. We slept on the first floor, because the beds and rooms were all occupied. At first, I could not sleep, because I was not used to sleeping in our province, because it has been years since I last went there. There were lot of insects flying, but it was not a problem anymore to me. I even touched a flying beetle which stayed on my clothes. Haha. But then, I checked my mail and twitter, and watched some SS3 videos before finally going to sleep.

But then, at 3:00am, I woke up because it was brownout. And I went back to sleep at 4:00am when the electricity returned. I woke up at 11am the next morning again. I knew that I should wake up earlier, because people were all awaken. They killed a pig and cooked it (lechon) for my surprise birthday party.

I know right, my birthday had already passed, and then one month after, we celebrated it. My parents brought paper plates and paper cups with them, but they said that it was for my other cousins’ birthday. But then, it was for my birthday. Nice one. I felt so special. Salamat sa inyo.

Then we had a feast outside the house. At night, we watched Bedtime Stories and then I did not have a trouble sleeping then. The next day, it was Maundy Thursday, we did some reflections. On Good Friday, we went for a procession and a mass. I didn’t see the men who were hitting their backs (penitence) because I was asleep. Oo, regrets. T-T

The next day, Black Saturday, we swam on Palanas Beach at 3pm. Nice right? D: Good thing I didn’t tan myself too much. I collected white and yellow beach rocks and formed my gift for Teukie. Yes, yes. That was the only thing I did instead of swimming. After getting some pictures of it, I envied my cousins, aunts, uncles and sister enjoying the beach, so I swam as well. Then I took a break and let my legs cover with sand. Then swam again.

When it was already 6pm, we went home, but then, we arrived at 7pm, because we went to different places before completely going home. At 8pm, we all went to my mother’s sister, and ate dinner there. It was the time when the electricity was off again. I watched the sky, and it was unbelievably full of stars. It was my first time seeing so many stars, maybe because I rarely paid attention looking at them. The electricity came back and we went home to sleep.

The next day, it was Easter Sunday. My parents and other cousins went back to Manila. CJ went to his grandparents’ house with his father, so my two cousins and I went out at 5pm to attend the mass, but we were informed that there was no mass, so we just went to my other cousin’s house. But before that, we ate Cornetto ice cream. Believe it or not, I almost spent three hundred pesos because we continued to buy Cornetto, coke in bottle, and other foods. Cornetto was our only happiness. Haha.

The next day, it was Bleszandra’s  birthday, so we went to their house and ate there. We went too early, because we thought that we would eat there for lunch. It seemed that they hadn’t eat yet, so we felt so embarrassed. Haha. Good thing, they already cooked menudo.

We stayed there for four hours and ate spaghetti, pancit, menudo, lumpia, etc. We stayed in a small nipa hut beside the beach. Then we went out to go to a compute shop and played Counter Strike. And once again, we bought Cornetto. Haha.

At night, I stayed at my two cousins’ room and slept there. We watched Merlin, SS3, KRY concert, etc, before sleeping. We also played StepMania, Need for Speed, Mystery P.I. and others using our laptops; we read pocketbooks and wrote stories (I finished 15 pages for the night); we went to a cousin’s house again by walking and bought Cornetto. Those were the only things that we did the next two days, aside from doing the laundry. On Wednesday… which was yesterday, we went back to Manila.

There. My experience. I didn’t have the chance to tour the island because first, I didn’t have someone to accompany me. And second, I didn’t have a bicycle. I should have bought one before going in our province. -_-

I look forward to go back there again. I promise…

Well, I’m really going back next year because I was told to join Flores de Mayo. Pero… although it is an honor to join, I feel that there are more people who are deserving for that spot. OTL.

But then… I’ll just enjoy the rest of my vacation.

April 30 in Manila Ocean Park! Wee.

May 17 in Hongkong! Wee.

And classes again. D: Majors.

That’s it. Heehee.


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