(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Zhoumi

Scheduled update. LOL

April 19… It is actually a special day… Because we’re going to the province!


Special day for Zhoumi! My second bias after Teuk (Well, there are 4 people tied in number 2 because I can’t choose among them)!

To be honest, I disliked Zhoumi when I first heard and saw his name. Why? Because I was a close-minded fan, following the flow and the trend – being an only 13. But then, during Super Girl promotions, I fell in like with him. I realized that he is really talented (high voice when Kyu hits high notes), and hot, and his personality is awesome, and is handsome (mix of Teuk and Siwon). And then, when it was SS2 Manila, I was really amazed of how he put up a marvelous solo performance. I felt that he appreciated the Kitty Mimi that I raised during his solo. I thought, this man could pawn!

But then, I heard of QMi couple. I am a hardcore KyuMin shipper and there was a clash of these shipping fandoms, which was crazy because it didn’t make sense. Although, I used to become overprotective of my ship, that I indirectly and unintentionally disliked Zhoumi for Kyu. Well, I could not help it. BUT THEN. I realized that I should have not done that. Kyu has the right to choose who is he going to be friends with. Haha. And besides… I also sheep MiMin now. WOOT. So much about this.

Zhoumi, I’m sorry for not seeing who you were before… I missed a lot. I was blinded with so much hearsays. But I promise to be with you forever. It’s okay if it’s not literally BE WITH YOU, but still my heart will still be devoted to you too. 🙂 And don’t worry. Regardless of how many people don’t understand you, there will always be that person who can understand you. Yourself. You thought it was me? LOL, but of course, I understand you, Mimi. 🙂

Gentleman Mimi… come back here in the Philippines. I’ll wait for you! 😀

Landi. Haha. 


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