(RP) Wedding Peach

I have really liked this anime ever since I was a kid. I always draw Momoko/Peach. And then I was inspired to draw wedding dress and gown designs. Haha!

When I was a kid, we used to play like this… we wore gowns, especially those used in weddings. I pretended to be the designer of those wedding gowns. I even had a notebook full of sketches of wedding dresses/gowns and I wrote in Manila paper and cartolina about my ‘dress shop’. We did some measuring too, modeling, etc.

I had a lot of gowns when I was a kid. It was because I was always a flower girl and a Santacruzan participant. They always asked me to be a flower girl. So I nearly had almost 20 gowns then. Other gowns were rented by children who would use it for the Santacruzan, other gowns were kept in our house.

I just miss being a kid. ^^

But of course, it’s much better to be a lady. I learn a lot now.


Love Angel, Wedding Peach, is extremely displeased!

Or… should I change this to…

Love Angel, Teukie Teukie, is extremely displeased! =))


Siwon, you are one rich kid. D: Can you adopt me? Yes or yes? Buy me a phone too? Yes or yes? =))


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