(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Hyukjae!

Woot. I really like his real name. =)) Just saying.

Lee Hyukjae, better known by ELF as Eunhyuk, happy birthday! 26 years old in Korea, 25 years old here. He’s in mid-twenties but he is still flawless. Haha. And what can I say, he has improved a lot.

Anyway… it’s Asia’s Anchovy’s birthday today! Jewel Eunhyuk! (Actually, this is just an auto-update. ^^)

Anyhow, I would like to say to ELF’s Anchovy that he has grown a lot. Before, he was just a cute little boy who never failed to make us fall with his dance and dorkiness, and gummy smile, and his kindness, and everything. 🙂 Now, he’s completely grown up with muscles and all that. And he hits singing now, especially in Destiny. He killed me. D: Well he always does. I love his voice the most (in speaking and rapping) and second (in singing).

I hope that he’ll be fine until the end of time. I wish him all the happiness in the world. I wish him the best in his career, love life, family, friends and all. I know that this dearest Spice will be forever happy and lively.

Congratulations with your success in SJ-M. 🙂 And your success in speaking Mandarin. Haha!

Spice… Please be well! I love you! ♥ All ELF love you! ♥

P.S. Do you know that I waver because of you? I miss spazzing about you, as “my” Spice. Pwahaha!

P.P.S. I dreamed about Hyukjae last night. Pwahaha. But he was not there… just in a tabloid, saying that he has lived into the mountains. Weird right? Pwahaha.

Goodnight. And happy Jewel day!

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