(RP) Fasting

Fasting for 40 days…
No blogging/Twitter/cyworld?

Which one is the best?

I go for no blogging and cyworld. Twitter? I don’t think so~ but I’ll not mention any of the guys starting tomorrow. =))

And no listening to KPOP songs starting today (this excludes SJ-M album songs. LOL Joke)


I’m busy spazzing with Leeteuk’s hair and get-up today and his question about RT in SUKIRA I remember someone who looks exactly like him right now. And I miss him. 😦

Anyway… My CAPS~♥


P.S. There are 11 pics, but because my Net is failing, so… D:

Cute YeTeuk! ♥

Kaboses ni Kyu yung guest nila. D:

And by the way, in case you don’t know, Sukira has its own twitter now, @kbskisstheradio. Follow them because as I heard, they will give some of their followers a gift? LOL’

And this is the video where they promote Sukira’s twitter:

credits: SuperTing18@yt


Ohmigad. Heechul wants to stay here for vacation in the Philippines? I mean, he did not want to leave yet during SS3 Manila, and the members were all packed up, but not him. Well, I just heard this (I mean saw this) somewhere, I don’t know if it’s true. Then if it is, then… We’ll be all happy to tour him here. Haha.

But I heard from Defconn that he is sick and everything that he eats, he vomits it. Heenim. D: Take care of yourself.


Last blog post before  the fasting.


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