(RP) So Happy

I said that I won’t post anything for today, however, there was a change of plans though…

I passed the exam and the interview. Yes. At last.

Congratulations to me! I am not a Marketing major! Yehey! Yehey! Yehey! :”> So happy!

Thank you for giving me a brand new opportunity. ♥ I swear I’ll do better this time. No, my best.


OMG. Teukie. You’re wearing red? Birthday mo? Birthday mo? =)) Or in love ka? In love? Pwahahaha!

Anyway, he played the guitar! Haha! Ugh, please be serious and sing I’m Yours for real… not like that. D: But nevertheless, he made my night. Yesung is so cute too!

Credit: superting18@yt

And this…

There was a banana cue incident here. LOL.

AngelB is out. Why Angel B? Secret. LOL

There… good evening. I hope that this will last up until later.

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