(RP) At Last

I created my own minihompy. Hooray! =)) ♥
Is very happy.

And add to that, Heechul became SJ’s leader for… 30 minutes only. Why did you resign!? It’s your chance to be the boss for the day.

I saw Leeteuk’s get-up today. You cute little… being. =)) He’s wearing a yellow-white Chuck I don’t even. ♥ I have one too, but not yellow and white. 🙂 My friend and I liked the color. LOL. And he is so fashionable whenever he travels. Airport guy. Pizza Terminator Tulok~

Yesung wins though. He is an Uchija again. :”>

Wah. I want Leeteuk to tweet tomorrow, even just a dot. =)) LOL. But he can’t because he is in Shanghai, there is no twitter there. Well, even minihompy updae will do. But it’s impossible though. I just hope to see something I have to see tomorrow in SS3 Shanghai. No, I’m not going though. LOL.

But yey, our trip to Hongkong on May is already scheduled. YEY! I hope SJ-M would still there or in China by the time we go to HK. =))

There. Tomorrow is the day. And I can’t wait to spend it with my friends and family.

Finally 18~♥ Legal! 😀

*Going to fix my minihompy first* <- Addicted.


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