(RP) Highlights of SS3 Manila: The Bests and The Firsts

Okay, so, I’m so late because I’m just going to post my fanaccount today. Haha. It is because my back is aching, my lungs too, I can’t breathe… although I keep on spazzing about SS3 Manila. Everyone cannot get over it. Seriously.

And that annoyed feeling was all gone. I think, to enjoy SS3, we must have that annoying feeling first. Haha.

I was sick that day, but still, I continued to jump and jump and sing and sing and scream and scream and chant and chant, and everything. My fever just went away… Haha.

SS3 was extremely beyond awesome. Shall I say it is s fxxkin awesome. Thanks to these lovely boys and all the ELF I met. February 26 was so special. Oh yes… it’s much more felt than SS2 Manila.

Overall, I will rate it supreme. But still, I’ll enumerate all the ups and downs of the concert.

Highlights (in no particular order):

1. Pearl Sapphire Blue sea – Philippines did it right.

As far as I can remember, last time wasn’t as perfect sapphire blue seas I thought it would be. Maybe because back then, it was the first time when SuJu came to have a concert in the Philippines. Now, it’s beautiful. *Sobs* While singing Sapphire Blue we are all lighting our blue lightsticks. Pretty.

2. No Other Hearts

This is where I saw Kyuhyun smiling cutely. LOL. Waving red hearts that symbolize our love for Super Junior was really breathtaking. This was also when Leeteuk and Sungmin flew up in the air, holding balloons and throwing confetti all over. I captured the moment in high burst, so I could make a video out of it. Oh my TeukMin. A flying pumpkin and Cabbage Pult. LOL.

3. English Parade

They spoke in English for their MENT. Seriously… Are you guys human? They killed us with their English. Their traditional greetings. MG, especially Siwon, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk and Donghae. Include Henry. Everyone.

4. Sungmin and Leeteuk Flying in the Air

My TeukMin, so precious. Seriously… It was really different when you saw it personally. I was happily looking at both of them, while multitasking, my right hand holding the camera, left hand holding and waving the lightstick.

5. Donghae Flying

I got a nice shot. Haha. His hair, as in OMG.

6. Eunhyuk, Heechul, Donghae and Sungmin’s New Hair

Seriously, guys, seriously! Your hair – AWESOME. Short haired guys are more attractive than long-haired ones, I think.

7. Yesung Murmuring Korean Words

It was so fast that we could not cope up. We didn’t understand a bit, so we blabbered random words. Sorry Yesung… =))

8. Heechul’s Fanchant

Milky White Skin Kim Heechul! I love you Kim Heechul! We did it right. LOL

9. Everybody Scream!

Sorijilo! We did it right too. LOL

10. Flying with Sparks

Sheep, I was not able to see those clearly though, because I was busy looking at Trax members and Henry and Heenim playing the drums. Good thing, my camera captured it. LOL. Although, it was zoomed.

11. VTR’s

There are a lot of touching, exciting, cute and beautiful VTR’s that made our day.

12. Dance Performances

These are group dance performances: Sorry Sorry, Shake it Up, Bonamana, Don’t Don, Super Girl (with Henry) etc. Extremely awesome.

13. Eunhyuk’s Down

THIS.. He’s so handsome, I could not even. I captured the whole moment and it was fantastic. Hae also watched his wife performing this. He did not leave the stage. Sweet.

14. Henry’s Baby

His version was much more better than Justin Bieber. Without any bias. I heard that he cried backstage because we were loud and he was touched. Was that true?

15. EunHae’s I Wanna Love You

EunHae’s hotness. Enough said.

16. Sungmin’s If You Leave

I died. Hotness overload. Enough said.

17. Kyuhyun’s Solo

I can’t remember the title, but it’s really special. His voice was amazingly soothing than ever. When he reached the high notes… YUM.

18. Yesung’s It Has To Be You

This was my favorite performance. Everyone sang with him, and he let us sang the chorus. Plus, his smile in the end. It melted us. Really, Kim Jongwoon. Let’s get married. LOL

19. Donghae Saying “Aray”

Thanks to Siwon. I love you SiHae. Haha. Aray is a Filipino word for “ouch”.

20. Fanservice

THIS. This included every couple. Haha.

21. Rinaldo

The playing of the imaginary instruments. Plus Kangin. I missed him so much, I nearly cried when I saw him.

22. Heechul Cartwheeling

I didn’t know Heechul could do that. I was amazed… And he smiled a lot during the concert, which was really, really astounding.

23. Rokkugo Exercise

LOL. Teukie and everyone here. Haha

24. Hate You Love You

One of my favorite songs. I loved their voices. This was very sweet and touching.

25. Tok Tok Tok

I was really enthusiastic seeing this live. I liked Trot, and this was my favorite trot song. Their colorful costumes were… glittering. Haha.

26. You and I, Confession, Song for You

These songs were when everyone played around and goofed around with ELF and the other members.

27. Pokerface and Single Ladies

Them as girls. Enough said. Heechul is the best here. Sexy and smooth skin. The legs. LOL Heechul was also high here.

28. Vegetables

Second favorite part. I saw Cabbage Pult in action. Plus EunMin, Hyukkie kicking the pumpkin who fell down.

29. Siwon lifting injured Shindong

Wow, their professionalism amazed me… It was sad that Shindong got cramps, I think?

30. Siwon and his Abs and His Solo “Looking for a Day”

Should I say more?

31. Playing with the Audience

This included selcas and everything.

32. Kyuhyun Throwing Autographed Balls

My schoolmate and friend’s sister got one. LOL. Lucky.

33. Ryeowook’s One Fine Spring Day

How could I ever forget this? Sungmin on the guitar, Ryeowook’s vocals.

34. Trax

The hell, I jumped here and sang with them. OMG.

35. Final

Seriously. The English again… Haha. Teukie made Henry his translator. Haha. I could not stand on my seat back then, because I was laughing too hard. LOL.

36. Henry Saying that We Were the Loudest

“You guys are loud! We’ve been to a lot of countries, but I could say, Philippines is the loudest!” His accent  AWESOME. I love you Henry for this! LOL

37. Final Bow.

Kajima! D:

38. Teukie Giving His Shirt to the Old Lady

At first I was jealous, LOL, but of course, I was really touched because of what he did. YOU ARE AWESOME TEUKIE. You’ll always be. He was calling other members, but no one noticed him, LOL. Then he bowed. I love this man very much.

39. Yesung, Henry, and Heechul Tweeting + Leeteuk’s Tweet

GOSH. I think they were the ones who really enjoyed a lot. I actually predicted it. Haha. Yesung, for the first time used a lot of exclamation points for a tweet about SS3. Henry – first and latest tweet, about Philippines concert. Heechul who was not feeling well (sa lagay na yun) enjoyed and felt better because of us. Wasn’t that amazing?

Edit: HE TWEETED. JUNGSOO TWEETED JUST NOW. =)) I fell in love with you again, hmmm. I love you too. LOL.

EDIT AGAIN: His earlier tweet had a typo-error. Philifan. Should I be happy or not? =))

40. Everything.

Everything was just memorable. I could not state everything that happenedm but it would remain in my heart.


The Firsts:

1. Yesung letting everyone to sing the whole second chorus of his solo song.

2. Henry tweeting about SS3 concert (first tweet about Philippines SS3).

3.  Yesung tweeting with too much exclamation points used. LOL

4. Henry saying that we are the loudest.

5. Heechul playing happily and cartwheeling. LOL

6. Leeteuk letting Henry to translate his words into English. =))

7. Leeteuk giving a shirt intended to a single person.

8. Heechul using ‘profanity’ to tweet how much he loves Filipinos. (LOL)

These are just some, but of course, I am not saying that Philippines has the most awesome SS3. Of course, every country had an awesome SS3 because they perform in front of thousands of audience. And in every SS3, there are firsts. I will not say that Philippine ELF are the luckiest, but we sure are lucky to have Super Junior performing and having fun.

My best moment was when I noticed that in one of my pictures, Teukie was looking at the camera and doing a heart sign or probably ballet LOL. I would not say that he was looking at me, but rather, I would say that he was looking at the camera. It was blurred though, you could not be sure if he was really looking at my camera or what not. LOL During the ending (Kajima part), I don’t know if I’m just delusional or imagining things but he glanced at my fansign and he actually somehow stopped. I guess he was trying to find something? LOL. So I immediately leaned down. I regret. I WAS SHY, okay. Or MAYBE I WAS JUST IMAGINING THINGS.

And It Has to Be You. I’m proud that I sang with Yesung. Haha.

My regret: I didn’t capture any KyuMin, but KyuMinTeuk. LOL. I think I did, but it was not that many. -_- Why!?

Also, there is no Leeteuk and Heechul solos. -_- I was waiting for one… D:

No performance of Perfection. D:

There. All about SS3 Manila. :)) My sister and I had a good time. Yey.


Hyuk is leaving Sukira temporarily. T-T EunTeuk cried, Yesung was there. 😦 Don’t worry, Hyuk, 3 months will just fade away. Take care, okay! 😀


4 thoughts on “(RP) Highlights of SS3 Manila: The Bests and The Firsts

  1. OMG, Eonnie..

    I cried all the way since I finished reading the first paragraph. I was sooooooooo sad since I couldn’t see them. :((((((((( *COL*

    You are SO LUCKY! It was like I was in the concert while reading your post (thank you for making it so good, so I could even imagine just by reading it). But at the same time I also realize that I’m just sitting alone in my room, hoping my internet connection fast enough to see all of their videos on uTube, since reading your post really made me missed them so much. *O God, COL again*.

    I hope one day they will make it happen to come to our country, and I will have all the opportunity in the world to see them. I love them so much.

    And I love you too, Eonnie, for describing them very lively!

    *COL continues*

    • I will pray so that they can go to your country. 🙂 As far as I wanted to, I really want them to travel all over the world to see how everyone loves them. Where you are you from?

      Thank you and you’re welcome. Don’t lose hope okay? You’ll see them live next time, don’t worry. 🙂

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