(RP) It Has To Be… Yesung!

I really can’t forget this performance. It makes my heart melt and when he smiled, the whole world stopped and stared for a while. LOL. ‘Cause he’s amazing, just the way he was.

*Can’t recover*

I love you Yeye! ♥


Sukira’s YeTeuk. I love this pair, but I still miss EunTeukDJ. Although, I am really happy that Yesung became the DJ along with Leeteuk. YeTeuk! ♥

I miss Hyukjae. Where are you right now?


Tulok, hindi naman umulan nung SS3 Manila ah. -_- Haha. Ay oo nga pala. Umulan ng pagmamahal. Wee. Cheesy. Corny. Cheese corn. =)) ♥

Goodnight. Yeye dreams!


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