(RP) Tonight is the Night!

Okay, it’s SS3 tonight!

My predictions had come true. I got sick yesterday until today. -_- But luckily, my temperature got down. From 39 to 37.4. Still, not feeling well.

I thought I would not be able to go because as I said, my temperature rose to 39. But thankfully, it went down.

I wanted to see Teukie… and Chullie. Really, it was my prayer before going to bed. At least before going to the military, right?

My problem is, my fansigns are not finished yet. And I have a lot of tests and reports and case analysis to do tomorrow. I was not able to do those yesterday. T-T And how would I enjoy the concert if I’m sick and I can’t move anywhere?

But I have to enjoy this night. I have to rest for a while. =)


Teukie tweeted about a huge pizza. Haha. Terminator of pizzas. =)) And look at all those stuffs around. I was so happy. =)) Hindi na ako nagtatampo. =))


There… good day and see you in Araneta. =)) Rata Rata!


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