(RP) Sick Again

I had my interview hours ago… and it went not so well, not so bad. I was nervous so all I wanted to say was gone. At first I was not nervous at all… I confidently went in the department and when I was called, there. My heart just… -_- But nevertheless, I knew that I did my best, and I still had the courage to stand there in front of the interviewer. I thought that I answered carelessly. And by the time I went out the office, that’s the time when ideas just came in my head. -_-

It was not planned actually. I didn’t know that it was my interview day today. Good thing, I did go to the department and asked for my schedule, then the secretary told me to go back there for my interview. I thought, “OMG, I had a class.” But I still attended my classes. And I still did the seatwork for that class.

Anyway, this morning, we had two tests. And I was really lazy to study… but fortunately, I still answered the tests with flying colors. I hope I get perfect, 1-3 mistakes or even beyond perfect (for the bonus).

This day was awesome, overall. I got to see him again. D: He still looked that way. Cool and dorky. Haha. He was  wearing white and his favorite shades (stalker much). Aw. I love it.


Woohoo. I have no classes tomorrow, but of course, we have a meeting for our case analysis in one subject. The problem is I don’t know how to go to Edsa Shangrila tomorrow. T-T

And we are having meeting in Starbucks. After experiencing the coldness in Starbucks where we stayed for almost four hours, I decided to wear a jacket tomorrow.  My hands were freezing (because I got a slight fever), and I was wearing thin clothes. Crazy me…

After our meeting, which will be at one in the afternoon, I think I’ll go to SJ Fiesta just to see SJSD, SBEG and Woo Team. Kapag hindi ako tinamad. Haha.


Two persons remembered. Hyukjae and Heechul. Aside from them… who remembered?

There, I still am feeling cold tonight. My heart and everything. LOL. Drama, but seriously… I don’t feel excited. Well I do but just slightly. It’s because of the last concert but not because of Leeteuk. Yes, this is about him. What he said that broke my heart… our heart… because he always forgets. He’s old, that’s why. LOL Joking.

What is your plan honestly? Why are you being like this?

We sounded like desperate (in that interview), which was apparently true for some reasons but it should have not been viewed that way… Then you added fuel to the fire…

To be honest, I cried not because of how he said it, but with the fact that I felt shocked and of course betrayed. Also, I cried because I knew, if anyone knows about it (actually, there are lots of people who do know it now) would be angry and anxious. I dislike everyone hating on my bias… It just felt heavy in my heart. I don’t know how to regain their trust on him, or even how to protect him from every hate he would get… In the first place, I also got hurt… and I could not say what was the truth or not.

But even though it was like that, I still could not find a way to hate on him/them completely… because first of all it’s their job. No matter how they would want to disobey or to voice out their opinions freely, they cannot.

And I chose to believe then… We did.

I hope that even just one word he said in SS2 Manila last April was true… please, even just one word…



Yey, end of the rant.



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