(RP) Special Post

Ang swerte ng Japan eh. 😦

Nothing special really.


Okay, so, I’m spazzing here, and my excitement for this Saturday’s SS3 becomes high again. I have always wanted to see short-haired Ming for all my life; I’ll cry a river if that happens (LOLWUT, I actually didn’t understand myself. I’m incoherent). Well, it will happen except if I get sick on the day of the concert. I must be healthy then.

Siwon… For Athena, he bought a handgun. Me likey.

I learned that Siwon was sick, so he did not sing in the encore. Get well soon! ♥

This, I thought Leeteuk was wearing a headband for crying out loud. My eyes just deceived me.

Speaking of Leeteuk… he sang his solo in SS3 Japan – Close Your Eyes by Ken Hirai. As far as I know it was also sang by Kyuhyun before. Heck… I cried… I had tears in my eyes when he sang that. T-T I hope he’d have a solo here in SS3 Manila too…the one he was singing before in the press conference for SS2 Manila (the song we didn’t recognize at all). And Hyukkie’s solo… Down. OMG. OMG. I danced that song during the university week (It’s not an official performance… it’s a game in XBOX.)

There, I’m finished spazzing.

P.S. When are you going to get a haircut, Leeteuk? T-T

EDIT: OH MY GOSH. TEUKMIN! TEUKMIN! TEUKMIN! I’m excited to see TeukMin in SS3. OMG. (I’ll make a fansign for this too, aside from KyuMin). GOSH. GOSH.


I watched Merlin Season 3 Episode 13 again, and I was hoping that season 4 will come out sooner. The Knights of the Round Table! I’m looking forward to see Gwaine and Elyan again. D:

Okay, really done.


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