(RP) Late

Let me start this post with a quote.

Distance doesn’t ruin a relationship… Doubts do.

Okay, let’s get on with it.

February 17… is my Valentine’s day. Seriously. Something happened a while ago with two very special people in my life. So much drama, but, yes. I felt… giddy… Those simple actions are just perfect.

But why in the world can’t I see you again? Argh, if you were there as well, life would not get any better.

Okay, I’ll stop spazzing now.


My tonsils are hurt. đŸ˜¦ I got cold too.

But I’m perfectly healthy… Haha, the irony.

Okay, I’m still worried about my lost USB which has important files in it. If someone sees it, and reads those important ones, I’ll be seriously dead. So if ever I really lost it, I hope that it’s somewhere inside the house.

And another thing that makes me worried is my qualifying exam results. I still don’t know if I pass or fail… But I really have to be interviewed if I pass as soon as possible. I don’t want to waste time anymore.


I don’t know, but I feel really discouraged. Because of someone’s statement, I thought that everything that seems to be real may not be really real. I mean, what if someone you learn to love, or someone you really like is only acting. When there is a high hope, there is a possibility that someone will leave you up in the air until you free fall.

What would I expect? Entering this kind of battlefield, or play field to be exact, requires a lot of understanding, a lot of hope, a lot of reliability and a lot of sacrifices. Each time you believe, the tendency is that you become attracted or faithful to that something. But when the time comes and it abandons you, you will feel that everything has been gotten from you.

What seems to be real in the outside is not real in the inside.

What if really, they act in order to survive? I know that do, but when I see them in action then I’ll be their worst enemy then.

I have an orientation tomorrow, so I have to sleep. Goodnight.


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