(RP) For The Sake of Everything

Random title. I just want to share the things I want to share. Trololololol!

I’ve already seen Too Perfect’s Music Video teaser, I don’t know… it didn’t excite me… It’s not that I didn’t like it, I actually liked it, because I love the choreography, the settings and everything… but for me it’s the same style/concept over and over again… It did not excite me as much as the teaser photos. Maybe I’ll just wait for the MV. There I will spazz so much.

But positively, I think they are hot. Oozing with appeal. Especially Minnie and Hyukkie. And Kyuhyun. Haha. And Zhoumi. And Donghae. And Siwon. And Henry and Ryeowook. Okay, all of them. Or… I was just anticipating for the real music video to come. Or because I want SJ-M to perform it in SS3 Manila. Or because I am not going to see Zhoumi…

Still cannot recover. I thought you said that you wanted to see us again because you saw a lot of Hello Kitty and you first did your solo in the Philippines? Why aren’t you keeping your promise?

I’m not angry, actually, because I think it’s not his fault though.

Anyway… ¬†remember the test that I took last February 14, Valentine’s day? I got the second highest score! And when I get the bonus points, I’ll ace it. Yey! Well, who would not do well on it? I dated my Financial Management book last Valentine’s day, so there is no reason to fail it. Although it’s really hard that I thought I would fail. Yes, in theories… I got 12 mistakes, 2 points for problem solving.

That’s it… Overall, my mood is quite fine… Finer when I saw Teukie.

Okay then, goodnight~

“And even though I know how very far apart we are…
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star…”



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