(RP) Lovely Day

Beautiful… day… I thought I’d not be treating this day as another day, as what I mentioned hours ago. It’s really just another day for me… *sigh*

But anyway I’m still happy that two people gave gifts to me. My bestfriend and my mother. 🙂 My mother gave a small bunny stuffed toy with heart, and my bestfriend (hanminteuk) gave a letter to me. And it was not just any other letter. Ang kalokohan niya, i-p-in-rint niya yung mga pirma nina biases Leeteuk and Siwon, then kunwari may message yung dalawa para sa akin. AS IN KINILIG AKO. Haha. “Leeteuk” wrote in Tagalog. Haha. And “Siwon” wrote in English. Haha. I really felt that they were the ones who wrote that letter for me. *sobs* I really can’t stop smiling while riding in a jeepney; the passengers were looking at me. But I don’t care, it just made my day.

Haha, who needs people to have a date with… No I’m not bitter, actually, it’s really fun being single. This message is especially for my loved ones. Tutal, Valentine’s day is not yet over here. 🙂

To God… you know everything. Sorry, thank you and I love You.

To my family… Thank you for all the support and everything. Though sometimes, I forget that I’m just a daughter and a sister, you still love me. Thank you also for the things you gave me. Your love, your care, my needs, and of course, guidance. Sorry, thank you and I love you.

To my friends and classmates… Thank you for being there for me. Thank you because you don’t stop listening to my whines and my problems and my emo-ness. Haha. Thank you because even though we are close or not, you still show that I’m important. Sorry, thank you and I love you.

To my enemies/competitors (LOLWUT, do I have one?)… Haha, I still want to thank you because… because of you, I decide to face the day with strength and determination. Because of you, I become more competitive and I become stronger.

Thank you. To _ _ _ _, wherever you are, please show yourself to me. Haha. But don’t worry, I’ll not show myself to you… Thank you for those kilig moments, even if you don’t realize that I feel very giddy whenever I see you or whenever you do something ‘stupid’. This is a secret: I say to my friends that I don’t want to go to that class because it’s boring, but it’s not because you are there. Sorry, thank you and I love you. To my other inspirations, thank you for keeping me alive and kicking in school. Sorry, thank you, and I love you all.

To my Failed Success/G4/Bitter Retards family, Woo Team and ELF, thank you because I really feel that I’m special because of you guys. Even though we just met a year ago, we became virtual best friends… spazzing together, laughing together, crying together, doing something stupid together, and being ELF to each other. We haven’t been seeing each other often, but because of you, life as a fangirl never gets boring. You are one of the reasons why I stay in this fandom. Sorry, thank you, and I love you!

To Super Junior… well, what should I say? You guys become a part of my teenage life. Without you, life would be boring for me, I think. Who cares if this is a fallacy, for me, it’s a fact. Thank you because I become one of your fans who share your tears and laughter, the good and the bad times. Whenever I feel down, you never fail to make me laugh. I just watch you and my feelings become totally alright. Sorry if sometimes I fail, but thank you and I love you all.

And lastly… to my beloved special angel Park Jungsoo, Leeteuk, Teukie (Tulok, LOL), thank you for being my inspiration for almost a year and a quarter. No matter how I do, I can’t bring myself to like anybody else… except you. I might change my bias, but I still go back to you. Do you remember that thing about loyalty? I was very hurt back then. I felt that I was a bad person to turn away my back from you. But then, you are right, I guess a loyal person is better liked than a fickle person… Thank you for showing me how to fight and be strong. Thank you for being there to speak up your mind. Thank you because you make people listen to you. Thank you because whenever I see you, I feel happy and contented. I hope you find your one now. Lots of hearts. Sorry, thank you, and I love you very much with all my heart… See you on February 26!

There. Happy Valentine’s day again! ♥



SJM Too Perfect… I’m sorry, but I don’t like it. >.< Although I still wish SJ-M good luck… Maybe, if the official one is out, I’d be able to like it. Hyukkie will leave Sukira for a while. 😦 But of course, Teukie and Yeye will be there! OH YES. YETEUK! WOOHOO!

Okay goodnight now. 🙂

P.S. PARK JUNGSOO. YOU TWEETED. HOW DARE YOU!? TROLOLOLOL. Joking. Happy Valentine’s Day too. I love you too! :”> ♥♥♥ (LOL, he tweeted 1 minute before Valentine’s Day had ended. Haha. Weird) ISA KANG GANAP NA NINJA. :”>

P.P.S. LEE HYUKJAE! YOU! MY MOTHER IS A DENTIST. COME VISIT HER AND SHE’LL CHECK YOUR TEETH FOR FREE. OR WE’LL GO THERE TO YOU. LOL. Nangontrata eh no. Aggressive Marketing nga daw sabi ng kaklase ko. Haha. All caps? Excited much!?


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