(RP) In A Bliss

SJ-M teaser photos are fabulous… I can’t wait for Kyuhyun’s, Sungmin’s, Eunhyuk’s and Ryeowook’s pictures. I also saw the concept and it was… FHASLAJDLSJFAJKHDA. Yes, if I’m not mistaken… Victorian Era concept? Yes, perfection exists in that era. The group picture is my current desktop background.

Anyway, about Eunhyuk and Sungmin joining the group… I think I’m still neutral because there are news which confirm it,  and there are news which reject it… but if ever they will join in SJ-M, I think it’ll be nice. I don’t know why the others are bashing them just because they want to retain the old SJ-M excluding Hangeng. But seriously… why can’t they accept them… as they accept Mimi and Henry as well?

I was once an anti-ZhouRy joining SJ before… but when I saw them perform, I ate my words. Change is not overall bad for the group, though.

But if it doesn’t change anyone’s view, then okay, fine.

But still, I love the concept. I can’t wait for Feb. 14…

Speaking of Feb. 14, I’ll not be alone, yet it’ll be just another Monday.


Oh my gosh, Teukie (and Eunhyuk) went to KRY concert in Seoul? REALLY!? AS IN REALLY!? I seriously am in cloud nine because of that. Teukie, you really made my day. Thank you. Thank you!

I wish I was there to watch KRY concert.

T-T Please… Please… T-T I’m still wishing.


I want to cross ships… You know… when I saw that gif… I really…

How he looked at that person… It really feels awesome… like KyuMin.

And there are thoughts that have been lingering since late 2010… all of them are confirmed because of that single GIF image. I love it. I thought that ship is not existing. Haha. I thought wrongly.


I’m too exhausted. I went to my old school and it was their prom night today. The memories when I was there as well…

Bad memories… which made me cry…

Anyway… I don’t care anymore… Hahaha.

It was my sister’s confirmation too. So we went out to eat on Chicken Savory. Their chicken is very tasty… I swear. I love the gravy as well.

There is a Valentine party in front of our house, so I can’t sleep, although I have to because we are going to Bulacan tomorrow. And I still am not satisfied with the things I studied for my test in Monday… so before going to sleep, I’m going to study again.


13 days left… :”> I’m going to see him again… This time, I’ll pay attention to him. And this time, I have a new camera to use. Haha. And my hangover will be for a month again.

But I miss the feeling. ♥


NP: David Pomeranz’s songs.


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