(RP) I Can’t Find the Words to Say Goodbye

I was late. But fortunately the test wasn’t even starting yet… But still, the test was difficult even if it was just an IQ test. -_- Math was perfectly fine, but for English and Reading comprehension, well, no comment. -_- From now on, I’ll pay attention to my vocabulary…

I hope I did my best and it was enough.


Anyway, my sister had a solution for those who are still single this Valentine’s day. No, not to find a temporary date.

Her solution: buy a bouquet of roses or any flowers you like. Then, give it to yourself… it’s just an appreciation and love for yourself. Yes, it’s corny. I laughed because of that.

But seriously… you can try this one… but of course, people will find it corny and a sign of bitterness. Or to be happy this coming Valentine’s day, you can spend it with your loved ones… It doesn’t only mean your “special someone”…

But as usual, I’ll treat Monday as another Monday. All I have to do is to study for our quiz. And that’s it. 🙂



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