(RP) Destiny? Or Not?

There was a boy whose first love was a girl in a picture which he found on the street. He picked it up and kept it.  As time went by he married, but still kept it.

One day, his wife found it and asked, “Where did you get this?”

The man said, “I found it when i was a child… but why are you asking?”

His wife replied, “I lost this picture when I was seven.”

Credits: http://1059.quoteportal2.us/like.php?id=1059

Therefore… destiny really exists… But sadly… this happens rarely. Shall I believe in destiny? Can two people in different worlds fall in love with each other?


I hope that Teukie wold get a haircut before SS3 Manila. I don’t know… It’s just that when he goes to military, I’m afraid that I and the other fans will not get used to his ‘military hair.’ So the earlier cut, the better. :”>

Nevertheless, he still looks fine despite of being old. Oh my gosh. Did I just say old? I’m sorry, I’m sorry! T-T

But it’s not the only thing I’m sorry about…

Once again, he’s going back to my top list… Oh why, oh why is my heart easily convinced like that?



Why does my mind always travel away when I see him? And I feel like hiding from him as well. Whenever I see him, it seems to be that I’m a high school student who sees her crush. My heart beats so fast – I’m nervous.

I am afraid that he’ll notice my ‘affections’, since he has somehow… you know, a bad boy aura but he’s actually a good boy. Argh, what!?

Even though I don’t see him often now, I feel that this ‘like’ becomes more. What? Is that even possible? I usually don’t feel something like this but man, I don’t want to fall in love with you because this is wrong. Very, very wrong…

However, I still want to bring those memories because those memories are the only ones I have now.

Okay… Itutulog ko na lang ito. Haha.


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