(RP) Yes!

Oh, yes. I already bought my camera! Yey! It’s Canon Ixus 300 HS. It has cool features. And it’s black. Haha. I preferred white or red though… but this black one has a good texture.

We went to MoA this afternoon… We bought my camera as a birthday present and my parents bought a Nokia C3 phone for my younger sister. The heck, my celphone back when I was at her age was a Nokia 3200. Haha… But then, she already has a Nokia C3? Woah. And it’s pink. Haha.

Then after that, we watched Tangled in 3D. And again, I cried. I really loved the plot, even though it’s usual Rapunzel story but it has so many twists and funny scenes. Haha. The song is also nice… I See The Light. By Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.

Then we went to the Church and heard the Mass. Then we finally went home.

It was fun to have a bonding time with my family…


I saw some updates on SJ Foresight and heck Leeteuk kissed a woman! Hahaha! No, I’m not complaining or anything, it’s perfectly fine. I can’t wait to watch the episode preview. Haha.

And his duet with Krystal. Yes, the live one… At first I was like O_O because Krystal started the song with at least an octave higher than the original one. But I was amazed when she still reached that high note. And Leeteuk also sang an octave higher, and same. Then it came back again from the original melody. Teukie did a falsetto on “sarangi” part… but it was okay…

And Teukie looked so fine. Hahaha. Cute. When they were about to do a pinky promise, Leeteuk did not continue it -_- But nevertheless, it’s part of the show. And when they hugged in the end… I was spazzing. Haha. I liked them both… but not in a way beyond brother-sister thing.

It was good, not excellent, yet good and average performance. I still prefer the recorded one. I seriously love Jungsoo’s voice there. Haha.

Well, I guessed they all went to Thailand yesterday… except for Siwon, Kyuhyun and Sungmin. Since Siwon is living separately (I think), Kyu and Min were the only ones left in their dorm. Alam na.

P.S. I’m not thinking bad things. Haha.

But anyway… Kyu will be the guess DJ tomorrow so I’m quite excited… I hope he tells/narrates what happened yesterday and today since the other hyungs were not around. Hahahaha!

Anyway… goodnight… I have a test tomorrow… And still not studying. But I will. I will before I go to sleep.


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