(MOD POST) Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Birthday Kyuhyun!

Our magnae is celebrating his birthday today… Let’s clap our hands and wish him a happy birthday! *CLAP CLAP CLAP* <- I sound like Leeteuk here 😦 =))

Hey, Kyu, you are already 24. What are you plans now?  Be an evil magnae? Be a pro-gamer? Be a singer and occasionally dancer? Be an actor? What else can you do? What else!?

He is so talented that he and Min can get together now. Oh, just ignore me.

Anyway… same wishes. And love life. There are too many bunnies in the forest, but please choose the right one for you~

What else… hmm, I hope you tweet… with a selca or something…

I pity myself because my brain is not functioning well to greet this awesome magnae a happy birthday. No words can express how much we love you~ Stay the same (?) and as lovable as ever.

See you in SS3 Manila!


Happy Chinese New Year! Let’s celebrate now! :”> Wee!


Malandi na ako pero ito lang ang masasabi ko kay Teukie… Can I kiss your broken finger so that it’ll heal faster? But I know that someone can readily do it for him.. 😦 *SAD BECAUSE I’M TOO DELUSIONAL*

No, I don’t have powers to heal… but I sure do have a power to ease the pain. LOLWUT. What am I saying again? =))

Just forget it. Besides…

SHALSDJAS SHUSH. I’ll shush now.


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