(RP) Tonight is the Night!

Okay, it’s SS3 tonight!

My predictions had come true. I got sick yesterday until today. -_- But luckily, my temperature got down. From 39 to 37.4. Still, not feeling well.

I thought I would not be able to go because as I said, my temperature rose to 39. But thankfully, it went down.

I wanted to see Teukie… and Chullie. Really, it was my prayer before going to bed. At least before going to the military, right?

My problem is, my fansigns are not finished yet. And I have a lot of tests and reports and case analysis to do tomorrow. I was not able to do those yesterday. T-T And how would I enjoy the concert if I’m sick and I can’t move anywhere?

But I have to enjoy this night. I have to rest for a while. =)


Teukie tweeted about a huge pizza. Haha. Terminator of pizzas. =)) And look at all those stuffs around. I was so happy. =)) Hindi na ako nagtatampo. =))


There… good day and see you in Araneta. =)) Rata Rata!


(RP) Sick Again

I had my interview hours ago… and it went not so well, not so bad. I was nervous so all I wanted to say was gone. At first I was not nervous at all… I confidently went in the department and when I was called, there. My heart just… -_- But nevertheless, I knew that I did my best, and I still had the courage to stand there in front of the interviewer. I thought that I answered carelessly. And by the time I went out the office, that’s the time when ideas just came in my head. -_-

It was not planned actually. I didn’t know that it was my interview day today. Good thing, I did go to the department and asked for my schedule, then the secretary told me to go back there for my interview. I thought, “OMG, I had a class.” But I still attended my classes. And I still did the seatwork for that class.

Anyway, this morning, we had two tests. And I was really lazy to study… but fortunately, I still answered the tests with flying colors. I hope I get perfect, 1-3 mistakes or even beyond perfect (for the bonus).

This day was awesome, overall. I got to see him again. D: He still looked that way. Cool and dorky. Haha. He was  wearing white and his favorite shades (stalker much). Aw. I love it.


Woohoo. I have no classes tomorrow, but of course, we have a meeting for our case analysis in one subject. The problem is I don’t know how to go to Edsa Shangrila tomorrow. T-T

And we are having meeting in Starbucks. After experiencing the coldness in Starbucks where we stayed for almost four hours, I decided to wear a jacket tomorrow.  My hands were freezing (because I got a slight fever), and I was wearing thin clothes. Crazy me…

After our meeting, which will be at one in the afternoon, I think I’ll go to SJ Fiesta just to see SJSD, SBEG and Woo Team. Kapag hindi ako tinamad. Haha.


Two persons remembered. Hyukjae and Heechul. Aside from them… who remembered?

There, I still am feeling cold tonight. My heart and everything. LOL. Drama, but seriously… I don’t feel excited. Well I do but just slightly. It’s because of the last concert but not because of Leeteuk. Yes, this is about him. What he said that broke my heart… our heart… because he always forgets. He’s old, that’s why. LOL Joking.

What is your plan honestly? Why are you being like this?

We sounded like desperate (in that interview), which was apparently true for some reasons but it should have not been viewed that way… Then you added fuel to the fire…

To be honest, I cried not because of how he said it, but with the fact that I felt shocked and of course betrayed. Also, I cried because I knew, if anyone knows about it (actually, there are lots of people who do know it now) would be angry and anxious. I dislike everyone hating on my bias… It just felt heavy in my heart. I don’t know how to regain their trust on him, or even how to protect him from every hate he would get… In the first place, I also got hurt… and I could not say what was the truth or not.

But even though it was like that, I still could not find a way to hate on him/them completely… because first of all it’s their job. No matter how they would want to disobey or to voice out their opinions freely, they cannot.

And I chose to believe then… We did.

I hope that even just one word he said in SS2 Manila last April was true… please, even just one word…



Yey, end of the rant.


(RP) Masochist

I like someone who can easily recover from the past, someone who can easily live the present and someone who can easily anticipate the future.

Do you know what hurts more? It’s that you keep on hurting my heart, but you never know it, and you never will know it. I know all about your whines and burdens, but it seems that I am the only one who carries them for you.

It’s the first time…

What do you expect? I’m a masochist.


We went to MoA again to eat. Haha. We ate at Tia Maria’s, a Mexican restaurant, and I was full because I ate a lot. We ordered Seafood Platter, Cheese Flautas, chocolate shake and Sisig Ala Mejico.

BTW, why am I telling what we ate a while ago? LOL

Anyway, after that, we bought Kimhee (Kim <- sister and Heechul <- you know who he is) in Animaland. Animaland is a store which has stuffed animals (they will just be stuffed after purchasing the body of the animal that you like). It was my father’s birthday gift for my sister, because we were fighting. Why? Because of Rucza. Haha. Parang bata ako no? Of course, makikipag-away ako para sa favorite stuffed toy ko. 🙂

Then, after buying Kimhee, she was ‘baptized’ and she had a birth certificate too. Hahaha! Cool. I bought clothes for her, worth 700 pesos for my birthday gift to my sister. I wanted that angel costume for Kimhee though, but my sister did not like it, so I bought other clothes for Kimhee instead – a pink hoodie and jogging pants. My sister told me that she would buy me that angel costume for my stuffed toy (ANG TANDA KO NA NAMAN -_-).

We also went to Travel and Tour Expo 2011 (?), I forgot the name, and we decided to go to Singapore or Hongkong on May. Wee. But my mother wanted to buy a threadmill. Haha.

Lastly, we went to the Church to pray and attend the mass. 😀


Okay, I should be studying now, because I have a lot of tests tomorrow (this week actually).

But I would like to spazz about TEUKMIN! IN “YOU AND I” AGAIN! DHKSDSJAKDHAKSJDHSKRWEUQOWUOQUWOQUWSDHKXDSKASNXKZ!  Let me love you Sungmin for doing that to Teuk! HAHAHAHA!

I need fancam/picture. PLEASE PLEASE?



Good night~



And Leeteuk during solo. That means he did not cut his hair, he just styled it. LOL I’m so biased. He smiled. HE SMILED.

(RP) Special Post

Ang swerte ng Japan eh. 😦

Nothing special really.


Okay, so, I’m spazzing here, and my excitement for this Saturday’s SS3 becomes high again. I have always wanted to see short-haired Ming for all my life; I’ll cry a river if that happens (LOLWUT, I actually didn’t understand myself. I’m incoherent). Well, it will happen except if I get sick on the day of the concert. I must be healthy then.

Siwon… For Athena, he bought a handgun. Me likey.

I learned that Siwon was sick, so he did not sing in the encore. Get well soon! ♥

This, I thought Leeteuk was wearing a headband for crying out loud. My eyes just deceived me.

Speaking of Leeteuk… he sang his solo in SS3 Japan – Close Your Eyes by Ken Hirai. As far as I know it was also sang by Kyuhyun before. Heck… I cried… I had tears in my eyes when he sang that. T-T I hope he’d have a solo here in SS3 Manila too…the one he was singing before in the press conference for SS2 Manila (the song we didn’t recognize at all). And Hyukkie’s solo… Down. OMG. OMG. I danced that song during the university week (It’s not an official performance… it’s a game in XBOX.)

There, I’m finished spazzing.

P.S. When are you going to get a haircut, Leeteuk? T-T

EDIT: OH MY GOSH. TEUKMIN! TEUKMIN! TEUKMIN! I’m excited to see TeukMin in SS3. OMG. (I’ll make a fansign for this too, aside from KyuMin). GOSH. GOSH.


I watched Merlin Season 3 Episode 13 again, and I was hoping that season 4 will come out sooner. The Knights of the Round Table! I’m looking forward to see Gwaine and Elyan again. D:

Okay, really done.

(RP) Late

Let me start this post with a quote.

Distance doesn’t ruin a relationship… Doubts do.

Okay, let’s get on with it.

February 17… is my Valentine’s day. Seriously. Something happened a while ago with two very special people in my life. So much drama, but, yes. I felt… giddy… Those simple actions are just perfect.

But why in the world can’t I see you again? Argh, if you were there as well, life would not get any better.

Okay, I’ll stop spazzing now.


My tonsils are hurt. 😦 I got cold too.

But I’m perfectly healthy… Haha, the irony.

Okay, I’m still worried about my lost USB which has important files in it. If someone sees it, and reads those important ones, I’ll be seriously dead. So if ever I really lost it, I hope that it’s somewhere inside the house.

And another thing that makes me worried is my qualifying exam results. I still don’t know if I pass or fail… But I really have to be interviewed if I pass as soon as possible. I don’t want to waste time anymore.


I don’t know, but I feel really discouraged. Because of someone’s statement, I thought that everything that seems to be real may not be really real. I mean, what if someone you learn to love, or someone you really like is only acting. When there is a high hope, there is a possibility that someone will leave you up in the air until you free fall.

What would I expect? Entering this kind of battlefield, or play field to be exact, requires a lot of understanding, a lot of hope, a lot of reliability and a lot of sacrifices. Each time you believe, the tendency is that you become attracted or faithful to that something. But when the time comes and it abandons you, you will feel that everything has been gotten from you.

What seems to be real in the outside is not real in the inside.

What if really, they act in order to survive? I know that do, but when I see them in action then I’ll be their worst enemy then.

I have an orientation tomorrow, so I have to sleep. Goodnight.

(RP) For The Sake of Everything

Random title. I just want to share the things I want to share. Trololololol!

I’ve already seen Too Perfect’s Music Video teaser, I don’t know… it didn’t excite me… It’s not that I didn’t like it, I actually liked it, because I love the choreography, the settings and everything… but for me it’s the same style/concept over and over again… It did not excite me as much as the teaser photos. Maybe I’ll just wait for the MV. There I will spazz so much.

But positively, I think they are hot. Oozing with appeal. Especially Minnie and Hyukkie. And Kyuhyun. Haha. And Zhoumi. And Donghae. And Siwon. And Henry and Ryeowook. Okay, all of them. Or… I was just anticipating for the real music video to come. Or because I want SJ-M to perform it in SS3 Manila. Or because I am not going to see Zhoumi…

Still cannot recover. I thought you said that you wanted to see us again because you saw a lot of Hello Kitty and you first did your solo in the Philippines? Why aren’t you keeping your promise?

I’m not angry, actually, because I think it’s not his fault though.

Anyway…  remember the test that I took last February 14, Valentine’s day? I got the second highest score! And when I get the bonus points, I’ll ace it. Yey! Well, who would not do well on it? I dated my Financial Management book last Valentine’s day, so there is no reason to fail it. Although it’s really hard that I thought I would fail. Yes, in theories… I got 12 mistakes, 2 points for problem solving.

That’s it… Overall, my mood is quite fine… Finer when I saw Teukie.

Okay then, goodnight~

“And even though I know how very far apart we are…
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star…”


(RP) Solution

Random title. I saw the word, so I randomly wrote it as my title.

Anyway, I just saw Sukira and… Teuk is wearing black again! GHFALSJDLDJALDLAJDSHDKAJKADASKJSA Yesterday, it was white with some black and white suspenders I think?


He really does look good in black, I can’t even! :”> Eunhyuk too. I just watched their cameo role in Dream High, and man, Teukie and Hyukkie were awesome in those seconds. Haha. Poor Hyukjae, he got pushed by Suzy. Wahahaha! And was it live? The scene looked like live.

Anyway, back to the topic… I saw a news wherein Leeteuk’s expression of gratitude in Twitter. It became a hot topic, as the news told. Well, I noticed that too. The leader was always grateful. I admire that. Plus points! But… There, I’m just spazzing.

EDIT: It’s just now when I learn to like Too Perfect by SJM. It’s cool! 🙂

EDIT: I just got the news. As confirmed by PULP, ZHOUMI is not going to SS3 Manila because of VISA problems. GHFSALSJDLSZJLAKJSLAJHFDLKSAJ -_- Why do I always receive a bad news whenever I’m feeling happy? -_-  I’m honestly crying right now. I wanna see Zhoumi so badly.



From now on, I’ll link the sites where I found some random spazzing on my blog. Enjoy reading~


Back to work. I had an enjoyable LEAP… well, sort of, because I saw oldMerlin. Wahaha! :”> Goodnight! Assignments~

(RP) Lovely Day

Beautiful… day… I thought I’d not be treating this day as another day, as what I mentioned hours ago. It’s really just another day for me… *sigh*

But anyway I’m still happy that two people gave gifts to me. My bestfriend and my mother. 🙂 My mother gave a small bunny stuffed toy with heart, and my bestfriend (hanminteuk) gave a letter to me. And it was not just any other letter. Ang kalokohan niya, i-p-in-rint niya yung mga pirma nina biases Leeteuk and Siwon, then kunwari may message yung dalawa para sa akin. AS IN KINILIG AKO. Haha. “Leeteuk” wrote in Tagalog. Haha. And “Siwon” wrote in English. Haha. I really felt that they were the ones who wrote that letter for me. *sobs* I really can’t stop smiling while riding in a jeepney; the passengers were looking at me. But I don’t care, it just made my day.

Haha, who needs people to have a date with… No I’m not bitter, actually, it’s really fun being single. This message is especially for my loved ones. Tutal, Valentine’s day is not yet over here. 🙂

To God… you know everything. Sorry, thank you and I love You.

To my family… Thank you for all the support and everything. Though sometimes, I forget that I’m just a daughter and a sister, you still love me. Thank you also for the things you gave me. Your love, your care, my needs, and of course, guidance. Sorry, thank you and I love you.

To my friends and classmates… Thank you for being there for me. Thank you because you don’t stop listening to my whines and my problems and my emo-ness. Haha. Thank you because even though we are close or not, you still show that I’m important. Sorry, thank you and I love you.

To my enemies/competitors (LOLWUT, do I have one?)… Haha, I still want to thank you because… because of you, I decide to face the day with strength and determination. Because of you, I become more competitive and I become stronger.

Thank you. To _ _ _ _, wherever you are, please show yourself to me. Haha. But don’t worry, I’ll not show myself to you… Thank you for those kilig moments, even if you don’t realize that I feel very giddy whenever I see you or whenever you do something ‘stupid’. This is a secret: I say to my friends that I don’t want to go to that class because it’s boring, but it’s not because you are there. Sorry, thank you and I love you. To my other inspirations, thank you for keeping me alive and kicking in school. Sorry, thank you, and I love you all.

To my Failed Success/G4/Bitter Retards family, Woo Team and ELF, thank you because I really feel that I’m special because of you guys. Even though we just met a year ago, we became virtual best friends… spazzing together, laughing together, crying together, doing something stupid together, and being ELF to each other. We haven’t been seeing each other often, but because of you, life as a fangirl never gets boring. You are one of the reasons why I stay in this fandom. Sorry, thank you, and I love you!

To Super Junior… well, what should I say? You guys become a part of my teenage life. Without you, life would be boring for me, I think. Who cares if this is a fallacy, for me, it’s a fact. Thank you because I become one of your fans who share your tears and laughter, the good and the bad times. Whenever I feel down, you never fail to make me laugh. I just watch you and my feelings become totally alright. Sorry if sometimes I fail, but thank you and I love you all.

And lastly… to my beloved special angel Park Jungsoo, Leeteuk, Teukie (Tulok, LOL), thank you for being my inspiration for almost a year and a quarter. No matter how I do, I can’t bring myself to like anybody else… except you. I might change my bias, but I still go back to you. Do you remember that thing about loyalty? I was very hurt back then. I felt that I was a bad person to turn away my back from you. But then, you are right, I guess a loyal person is better liked than a fickle person… Thank you for showing me how to fight and be strong. Thank you for being there to speak up your mind. Thank you because you make people listen to you. Thank you because whenever I see you, I feel happy and contented. I hope you find your one now. Lots of hearts. Sorry, thank you, and I love you very much with all my heart… See you on February 26!

There. Happy Valentine’s day again! ♥



SJM Too Perfect… I’m sorry, but I don’t like it. >.< Although I still wish SJ-M good luck… Maybe, if the official one is out, I’d be able to like it. Hyukkie will leave Sukira for a while. 😦 But of course, Teukie and Yeye will be there! OH YES. YETEUK! WOOHOO!

Okay goodnight now. 🙂

P.S. PARK JUNGSOO. YOU TWEETED. HOW DARE YOU!? TROLOLOLOL. Joking. Happy Valentine’s Day too. I love you too! :”> ♥♥♥ (LOL, he tweeted 1 minute before Valentine’s Day had ended. Haha. Weird) ISA KANG GANAP NA NINJA. :”>

P.P.S. LEE HYUKJAE! YOU! MY MOTHER IS A DENTIST. COME VISIT HER AND SHE’LL CHECK YOUR TEETH FOR FREE. OR WE’LL GO THERE TO YOU. LOL. Nangontrata eh no. Aggressive Marketing nga daw sabi ng kaklase ko. Haha. All caps? Excited much!?

(RP) Heart’s Day

Well, I scheduled this update to greet you guys. Happy hearts’ day! Do you have dates? Virtual dates? Imaginary dates? Or “It’s just another Monday.” or “What the heck is Valentine’s day? I only know Single Awareness Day.”

Seriously… don’t just think that it’s another Monday. Everyday is not only “another day”. Let us be positive. Haha. Well, before… I think it’s another Monday… So… Now, I don’t. Haha.

I have two dates actually. Imaginary and real. Imaginary, you know who he is/they are. Haha. Real date… well, my book in Financial Management. -_- Because I have a quiz. I have to be with it the whole day tomorrow.

Let’s just celebrate this with our loved ones (family, friends, etc.). :”>

And to those who have warm Valentine’s day…  Be happy~♥


Okay then, I have to have an early date with my book. Goodnight. 🙂

P.S. My tummy hurts. -_-

P.P.S. OMG. The teaser pics are out. I LOVE IT. Too Perfect! ♥

(RP) In A Bliss

SJ-M teaser photos are fabulous… I can’t wait for Kyuhyun’s, Sungmin’s, Eunhyuk’s and Ryeowook’s pictures. I also saw the concept and it was… FHASLAJDLSJFAJKHDA. Yes, if I’m not mistaken… Victorian Era concept? Yes, perfection exists in that era. The group picture is my current desktop background.

Anyway, about Eunhyuk and Sungmin joining the group… I think I’m still neutral because there are news which confirm it,  and there are news which reject it… but if ever they will join in SJ-M, I think it’ll be nice. I don’t know why the others are bashing them just because they want to retain the old SJ-M excluding Hangeng. But seriously… why can’t they accept them… as they accept Mimi and Henry as well?

I was once an anti-ZhouRy joining SJ before… but when I saw them perform, I ate my words. Change is not overall bad for the group, though.

But if it doesn’t change anyone’s view, then okay, fine.

But still, I love the concept. I can’t wait for Feb. 14…

Speaking of Feb. 14, I’ll not be alone, yet it’ll be just another Monday.


Oh my gosh, Teukie (and Eunhyuk) went to KRY concert in Seoul? REALLY!? AS IN REALLY!? I seriously am in cloud nine because of that. Teukie, you really made my day. Thank you. Thank you!

I wish I was there to watch KRY concert.

T-T Please… Please… T-T I’m still wishing.


I want to cross ships… You know… when I saw that gif… I really…

How he looked at that person… It really feels awesome… like KyuMin.

And there are thoughts that have been lingering since late 2010… all of them are confirmed because of that single GIF image. I love it. I thought that ship is not existing. Haha. I thought wrongly.


I’m too exhausted. I went to my old school and it was their prom night today. The memories when I was there as well…

Bad memories… which made me cry…

Anyway… I don’t care anymore… Hahaha.

It was my sister’s confirmation too. So we went out to eat on Chicken Savory. Their chicken is very tasty… I swear. I love the gravy as well.

There is a Valentine party in front of our house, so I can’t sleep, although I have to because we are going to Bulacan tomorrow. And I still am not satisfied with the things I studied for my test in Monday… so before going to sleep, I’m going to study again.


13 days left… :”> I’m going to see him again… This time, I’ll pay attention to him. And this time, I have a new camera to use. Haha. And my hangover will be for a month again.

But I miss the feeling. ♥


NP: David Pomeranz’s songs.

(RP) I Can’t Find the Words to Say Goodbye

I was late. But fortunately the test wasn’t even starting yet… But still, the test was difficult even if it was just an IQ test. -_- Math was perfectly fine, but for English and Reading comprehension, well, no comment. -_- From now on, I’ll pay attention to my vocabulary…

I hope I did my best and it was enough.


Anyway, my sister had a solution for those who are still single this Valentine’s day. No, not to find a temporary date.

Her solution: buy a bouquet of roses or any flowers you like. Then, give it to yourself… it’s just an appreciation and love for yourself. Yes, it’s corny. I laughed because of that.

But seriously… you can try this one… but of course, people will find it corny and a sign of bitterness. Or to be happy this coming Valentine’s day, you can spend it with your loved ones… It doesn’t only mean your “special someone”…

But as usual, I’ll treat Monday as another Monday. All I have to do is to study for our quiz. And that’s it. 🙂