(RP) I Can’t Sleep

I’m not insomniac nowadays. It’s just that I can’t sleep even if I’m exhausted.

I’m really excited about my birthday, since it’s already February after 50 minutes here. No, I’m not excited about the birthday itself… but about the fact that I’ll invite my crush to go to our house. Woo. If he’ll go, then, my 18th birthday will be the happiest day ever. Come to think of it… your crush at your house… meeting your parents… Woo. :”> Nice.

Ang landi ko. Haha.

Anyway… yun lang. I just want to spazz about it. If I’ll celebrate my birthday here at our house, I’m pretty sure this will happen.

Goodnight. I think I’ll be receiving a bad news tomorrow. Well, I hope not.


That person I want to forget… I want to hold his hand when he holds mine… and I will never detach my hand to him. I want to hug him so badly. WAVERING AGAIN. WHY!?

WOOHOO. 26 days to go before SS3. I will see them all again!



And of course… Teukie… :”>

Aish… I’ll really sleep now. Goodnight~