(RP) Grumbling

credit: bhuentertainment@youtube

Oh, yes. This day is so tiring. I’m complaining.

But good thing… this duet makes my day not so tiring anymore. KrysTeuk did an awesome job. Krystal voice is nice, just like her sister Jessica. And Teukie… well, I can’t believe that this song made me cry. Maybe because I felt the emotion in it. Teukie and Krystal’s voice helped. So soothing, calming. Plus the melody. I love it!

And this one: I WAS IMPRESSED THAT I CAN’T EVEN ERASE MY SMILE. I can’t believe you are this good in acting. Where did you get your emotions from? :”>

credits: sjissjtest@youtube.com

Well, what can I say Teukie? You improved big time. You improved in singing, emceeing, acting, and in being a Super Junior leader and member. And most importantly, you improved in my heart again. As time goes by… you are creeping back again on top of my list and in my heart. Aww, cheesy, but true.

But there are still buts until now.

Teukie is a complete package. No doubt…


Okay, assignments now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Goodnight. ๐Ÿ™‚


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