(RP) Finished

I just finished watching A Little Thing Called Love, a Thai movie… and I was crying because P’Shone, the lead actor is an effective lover. Haha. Although he could not tell Nam, the lead actress, about his feelings since the day he met her, I still feel sorry for him. And as for Nam… I feel sorry for her too.

I can relate… because Nam and I had things and experiences in common, but unlike her, my story was not a happy ending. 😦 But I already recovered from it, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I must recommend this drama. It’s perfect for teenagers who fall in love…


I heard that Leeteuk and Heechul had a car accident when they arrived in Singapore. Somebody’s car crashed into their van and the van got mildly wrecked… or semi-severely wrecked. The car was reported to be driven by someone who was following TeukChul’s van. HeeTeuk actually trended hours ago.

So there, of course, as an initial reaction, I panicked. I did not want that accident again to happen. And after learning that they did not get hurt, I pitied the van. I mean… it got wrecked. But seriously, I’m thanking that no one got hurt…

Singapore was a nice and beautiful place, like what Heechul said. I went there, and I was amazed with the beautiful sceneries and of course, clean surroundings. Singapore government must give credit to Heechul for making “Beautiful Singapore” and “Clean Clean” trend in Twitter. The power of Heedictator. Haha.

I lost my small red jacket with a Winnie the Pooh design 8 years ago somewhere near the underwater adventure place… and if someone would find it for me then we’re soulmates. LOL. But because it is very impossible to find such thing missing for about 8 years now. So I must give up. Haha. Besides… it won’t fit me anymore because I was 9 years old when I went there.

Aww, memories.

Tomorrow is SS3 SG, and I hope everyone – staffs, ELF and SJ would enjoy their time.

Again to Teukie and Heenim, careful. And to others too.


Looking forward to a meaningful Valentine’s Day… then SS3 in Manila. Oh yes. But before that, I wish for a meaningful SS3 SG.

A long day tomorrow. Will have my medical examination, will get TOR and will work at my mom’s clinic. Doing this, doing that… Doing the things I should do. Goodnight.



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