(RP) I’m Really Hurt

Okay… it could be T-Ara’s song…

Oh, on Monday and Tuesday… I have 3 quizzes and they are all difficult, I tell you. Or should I say challenging? Difficult is not an acceptable word for quizzes… Haha. They are my first 3 quizzes… so I have to do good.

So I must study. Good thing, I can stop fangirling this weekend.


I am guilty of what Teukie tweeted. Yes, the loyalty thing.  That tweet bothered me a lot. Not that I’m changing my mind about changing bias again, but rather… it just makes me realize two factual things.

Okay… I’ll mention one… Since he is loyal to his loved one… I know that there is no more hope at all… I mean… I think he has a special person now… it’s pretty obvious… I kinda smell something fishy about him and that person I am referring to. Oops, issue. But seriously… I already proved that he is loyal to that person and I can’t agree more to him. Regarding work and friendship… hmm… pretty obvious as well.

Second… it’s a secret…

A person can also be tired sometimes… it’s just that I’m the first one to be tired of this. I dislike someone who never accepts a fact and other’s feeling.


So that’s it… I have to watch DVD now. I can’t watch tomorrow and on Sunday… because I have to go elsewhere.

Planning for my debut celebration… -_- I don’t know if we could go for a trip outside the country since my passport has not been renewed (my fault) or in Bohol/Cebu/Palawan etc. Or just to have formal dinner. Or to treat my friends with lunch or dinner. -_- It makes my head hurt.

Well, it’s still far… So I think I must consult my friends first. Hehe.

Goodnight! ♥


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