(RP) Change

Yes it could be HyunA’s song too. Haha.

Long time no post… 🙂

Lately, I got into Oh My Lady by Siwon and it was tear-jerking… heartbreaking and most awesome Korean drama I’ve watched. Siwon was there… that’s one of the reasons why I watched the drama. And I could not believe that I was hooked because of the plot. I hated Siwon’s character at first… because he was so arrogant… and boastful. But when he became a daddy, I learned to like his character…

He portrayed the character well. As well as Chae Rim… She really looked like an ahjumma… though a very beautiful one. I liked her ahjumma voice actually. And the two had a lot of chemistry.

It was touchy… and I cried several times. It doesn’t happen frequently though… Especially when Siwon was singing… T-T I was really crying.

Well… I got hooked. And now, I could not forget it… I wanted to watch it over and over again.

I’m currently watching Partner… And I liked the plot as well… I like Criminal Law actually. If I become a lawyer, I would choose criminal law instead of corporate law.

I bought 6 DVD’s actually. 🙂


I think, I’m changing my bias from Teukie to Siwon… Yes… This is for real… Sorry Teukie for not fulfilling my promise of not changing my bias AGAIN. Well, who cares, right? He has a lot of fans who are* more loyal than me…

Bye Angel… Hello Shisus. Haha.

Now playing:  못났죠

* Hahaha. Grammar failed .


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