(RP) Add More

Well, it’s officially my first day of school tomorrow… and I’m still worried about graduating… no… shifting and getting my majors.

Okay… I’m getting frustrated because of too many things… and one person. I don’t know what would be better anymore, because in both instances, I get hurt. I can’t assume because it’s the real thing.

Well, I lose hope. I really lose all my hopes. And to conclude, hopes are just bunch of… things that will either take you up, or most frequently, take you down.

Pessimist. I think that’s me.

I’m sorry, I am really waiting for the day for you to go away for a long time, so that I can easily forget my ‘feelings’ for you, if that’s what we call it. I may be selfish but… if you know things, you’d probably wish for the same.

Full-time fangirl -> Part-time fangirl…

I can’t wait for him to go to where he is supposed to go to… And then… he’ll be back, will marry a girl. Then voila.

This ends.


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