(MOD POST) Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Sungmin!

Happy New Year everyone!

I did not have the chance to post and greet you all yesterday… New Year’s eve, because my Internet connection failed last night. Although I went online, I was pissed because it really failed a lot.

How was your new year? Mine, it was… a cliff-hanger. Why?

Firstly, there weren’t much fireworks. There were actually a lot, but not that many. Banned, I think? But it was okay, at least, the noise was lessen.

Secondly, it felt like an ordinary day. Well, not really… Because it was the happiest new year celebration I’ve ever celebrated. Ironic, right? I could not believe it either.

Today, we were at my Ninong and Ninang’s house. Their son is a Heechul look-alike. SERIOUSLY. And unexpectedly, we went to Tagaytay. And guess what. WE DIDN’T BRING JACKETS because it was unexpected. So it was too cold. Many things happened today actually.

I want to spazz about the three Gayos that happened yesterday, last, last night and last last last night. For me, the nicest and the most awesome Gayo was KBS’s. I don’t know, maybe I enjoyed all the performances. SBS’s was kind of boring. ALTHOUGH the performance of the boys were outstanding. I loved the remix and the Inception thing. And I was laughing so hard because of two people. Teuk and Hae. Teuk, during the opening, he looked like that he wanted to jump from where he was standing… Hae because he did something funny. Well, don’t take it as an insult or whatnot. I liked it. It made me happy actually. I needed a great laugh. And these guys… were successful .

For KBS, Teuk was walking in front… so it made me laugh. Well, he actually had a nice hair do that night. I LOVE IT. My favourite hairstyle. I could not stop squealing when he was talking.

Sungmin was hella hot for three days. He’s blooming. He looks good on black, white and even in any other color of clothes. AND LAST NIGHT WAS THE BEST.

For Heechul, who was not wearing shades for MBC and KBS performance, I WAS VERY PLEASED. He really looked handsome in his new hair, especially in SBS performance. I was laughing when I saw the Inception thing (INTRO). He kicked Sungmin. KICKED SUNGMIN!

Kyuhyun’s hair in SBS performance – one word –UNBELIEVABLE. Unbelievable because how much I hated that kind of hairstyle, it still suited him. And in MBC, it looked that he got a hair cut… or no?

Ryeowook. In Inception… I kinda pitied him. He was thrown by Shindong. Got punched by Eunhyuk. Poor one, but overall, he had owned last night. His hair. Everything suited him. His wink. It killed a lot of fangirls.

Yesung. He was an example of an Uchija. His clothes… LIKE AN UCHIJA. If you don’t know Uchija, check out Naruto. He looked hot as always. And HE WAS RAPPING. GOSH.

Donghae. Hot as always… even if he slipped, it was still not noticeable because it looked like a dance step. His clothes suited him as well.

Shindong. Gosh, this man… he rocked the white style I think. He looked so awesome as well.

Siwon. Why the hell are you wearing a bath robe in SBS and KBS performances? But it looked good on him, although I preferred Pilot Siwon… in MBC. And congrats for winning the new star award!

And lastly, Eunhyuk. He ruled MBC’s performance. The rap. The shades. The clothes. Everything. Although he was the first man who had failed in 2011. Well, as far as the people I’m concerned. BUT LIKE WITH TEUKHAE situation, it made me laugh, so it is not a failure. IT WAS THE CUTEST MISTAKE EVER.

SBS performances are okay but kinda boring. SJ’s performance made it so lively. With no bias. KBS performances are the most awesome. MBC, I liked the new choreography of Sorry Sorry… and the Bonamana slow version. Like what other fans wanted, I liked to download their remixes. Haha.

Aren’t you curious why I’m not talking about Sungmin’s birthday at all? Well…



Merlin. Colin = Sungmin. January 1, 1986 = January 1 1986. Bradley = Kyuhyun. ENOUGH SAID.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE SUNGMIN. Stay who you are. No need to change, because we like you as it is. And please don’t feel down. Don’t feel lonely everytime. We wanted to see that Minnie who smiles a lot. I can’t believe that you are already 24 (25). Because your face never change. Why are the January 1 babies like him do not grow old? *COUGHCOLINCOUGH*

Sungmin improved a lot. SERIOUSLY. So I would want to wish him a happy happy happy birthday!

P.S. I was shouting his name while singing happy birthday during the new year celebration here.



I’ve been a Merlin fan for three months now. I couldn’t believe I’d be too hooked with this series… BECAUSE IT WAS WAY BEYOND EXTRAORDINARY. I liked the plot… It has all.

Colin is my firs crush in Merlin. I don’t know, I find him more handsome than Arthur (Bradley). There was something in him… I don’t know what.

But of course, Happy Birthday Merlins~ Why are you born on the same day?


My dream last night was touching. I was crying while sleeping. And I continued crying when I was already awake. Weird, right? But I won’t tell what’s behind.

Goodnight. :”> Have a good January 2 everyone~


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