(RP) After Christmas

Last Sunday, my mother woke me up at 11 am. I did not want to, because last Christmas, I slept at 4 in the afternoon, so the next day, I could wake up at 1pm. She became mad because I did not want to get up from bed. But I was forced to, because as far as I knew, we were about to go to SMX Convention Center to watch the Great American Circus then watch Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote (See, my father is  great fan of Vic Sotto. I am too… because he is my local celebrity crush. Haha).

We left our house after eating lunch. The circus starts at 1pm, so we’re late. We waited for the next show. Luckily, my mother got good tickets… SVIP-C Row B. It was so near from the performance circle.

We toured Mall of Asia before going back to SMX, because it’s just around 2. We tried to watch SAASEK, although the start of the movie is at 2:30, the end is at 4:30, so we will miss the circus, so we decided to go around the mall. We bought caramel and cheese popcorns from Chef Tony’s and heck, their popcorns are delicious. At first, I did not want to buy, but since my mother forced me to, I obeyed her and paid for our large popcorns. But it was all worth it. After that, we searched for somewhere to go. We watched the people in the ice skating rink. Then went to Icebergs to get some treats. I ordered chocolate milkshake, my niece and my sister grabbed an oreo chip sundae, and my parents ordered melon shake. After drinking/eating, we decided to go back to SMX.

Then at 3:20pm, we fell in line and it was long. At exactly 3:50pm, we asked to enter Hall B. And we took a picture of some of the performers of the show. After that, we went to our seats. At exactly four, the show started. I was so amazed with the performers. First they jump on ropes… but not just ordinary jump ropes… They performed various acts as well. Then, there were aerial ballets, trapeze performance, hula hoop performance, bow and arrow, acrobats, clowns, Michael Jackson tribute, band play, balance + height performances, and the famous ring of death (?) I forgot the name. I enjoyed the performances because they did their best. You know that I am a big fan of circus performers, especially the trapeze ones. 🙂 It was just wonderful. Splendid. Magnificent.

After that, we went to SM Sta. Mesa to watch movie. We ate at Wendy’s and after that, we went to the fourth floor and watch SAASEK. The movie has the greatest number of people watching, therefore, no. 1 in box-office for the Metro Manila Film Fest. Speaking of MMFF, the entries are very excellent. No, I did not watch them all, but as for the trailers, I was enthusiastic to watch all. I wanted to watch Dalaw (horror), Shake Rattle and Roll (horror), Rosario (2nd Best Picture), RPG: Metanoia (3D animation – 3rd Best Picture), Ang Tanging Ina Mo – Last Na To ( Best Picture), Super Inday and the Golden Bibe, and Father Jejemon.

Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote is a movie with a B rating by Cinema Evaluation Board. It’s a combination of Agimat, and Enteng Kabisote, starring Senator Bong Revilla and Vic Sotto. The visuals, costumes and make-ups are great and in fairness, I enjoyed watching the movie. Well, I always enjoy Enteng movies. Hehe. But there were some parts that were unnecessary and could have been deleted. But overall, the movie was a fun-filled movie, okay for all families to watch.

We went home at 9:30pm. It was a fun after-Christmas celebration… although I did not have a chance to attend Woo Team’s Post-Christmas party. 😦 I’ll attend KPop Nation instead on December 29 at SM Megamall.


Wah. I realized something. And it made me all confused. They just did something that only lovers do, not to mention the boy asking for girl’s hand… literally. It hurts… but of course I could not do anything about it. -_-

About the no comment part in Talk Asia, I guess, Leeteuk doesn’t want to say anything because he does not want to hurt the one he was/is dating that time, if there was/is.

Third party involved? Heehee. Before, on and/or after the relationship? Ah, no comment.


I liked him to be paired with or to find someone… but now… what the hell am I thinking? -_- Fickle me is fickle.


Goodnight! I must dream about me being a sorceress again. I was yesterday… I dreamed that I was a sorceress. An evil genius manipulated people to search for me and hurt me… but someone helped me to gather some magic spells and I turned the people into good ones, at least? As what as I could remember?



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