(MOD POST) Join Super Show 3 in Manila Special Contest!

Hi guys! Who are going to Super Show 3 in Manila this February 26? If you have your tickets already and you are a member of SJ-World.net, this is your chance to join a special contest for Super Show 3 in Manila!

P.S. I’ll just copy and paste the important information. Also, please spread this to your friends as well.

Super Junior owned The Big Dome last April 10, 2010 with their first ever concert in the Philippines: Super Show 2. Now, with the help of Pulp Live Productions, ELF will be able to see them up close one more time! Rizza (zsa2687), an ELF and a member of SJ-World.net who was moved by our forum’s dedication and love for the boys, including our donations to UNICEF, KAPS etc., would want to please everyone who is a member of this forum, and a Super Show 3 Manila ticket holder to join this special event. This is a special contest all about… YOU! ♥

Information and Guidelines

This contest is open for those who will attend the incoming Super Show 3 in Manila on February 26, 2011. This contest is not limited to Filipino ELFs. This contest is open to ALL ELFs who will go to SS3 Manila.

If you want to join, these are the qualifications and special guidelines. Please read and understand them carefully.

1. A contestant must be a ticket holder of SS3 Manila – any ticket will do (VVIP, VIP, SVIP, Upper Box A Center and Sides, and Upper Box B Center and Sides). You can buy your tickets in all Ticketnet outlets nationwide. If you are a foreigner, don’t worry, you can also purchase your ticket through HK ticketing online.

2. Must be a member of SJ-World.net – SJ-World.net is an international forum established for Super Junior fans – ELF. To join SJ-World.net, click here. Sign-up for free and confirm your registration that will send to you.

3.  An achiever – You can be an achiever in studies or in work. Participants are required to send a video for proofs.

4. Judges –  The judges of the contest are Gaia (SJ-World founder), and Rizza (zsa2687).

What to do?

Are you an achiever fan? Do you win awards be in school or at work? Are you a Dean’s Lister? A consistent honor student? How about you made something that helped you and your family? Ever did anything that made a difference for you and for the society? This is your time to let everyone see your achievements in life. What we need for you to do is to make a short video clip which contains your accomplishments in life as far as from where you are right now. (*we want videos since pictures can be easily edited.)

♥ Video must not be longer than 2 minutes

♥ Video must NOT be a compilation of pictures

♥ Be creative and show your uniqueness

♥ At the end of the video, you must state why do you think you need to win

♥ We are not limiting the achievements to school and work. Anything that made you stand out from the rest is welcome.

♥ After doing the video, please proceed to this thread: SS3 Manila Special Contest – SIGN UP

♥ Questions, problems and anything you do not understand, feel free to drop a reply here or you may PM —★captainchoi (SJ-W Moderator), Razel (PHL Thread Lumiere), or penipenpen (SJ-W Reset)

This thread and the Sign up thread will be closed February 11, 2011 at 11:59 PM KST. on February 13, 2011. The deadline is extended.


There will only be a single winner for this event. The prize is actually a surprise and will be revealed a week before the concert. As much as we want to tell everyone what it is, we have decided to reveal the prize together with the winner’s name. The judges for this special event is our very own founder Gaia and Rizza herself. 🙂

Do your best for this contest, no one knows what the prize will be.


There, guys. As an SJ-W staff, I encourage you to join the contest because as they said, you’ll never know what the prize will be. As far as I am concerned, I know that the prize would be a great prize. Of course, not only for the prize that you can get, but also, this is the time to be proud of what you achieve – these achievements that build you and the society. Let it not go to waste, okay?

Good luck to everyone!


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