(RP) My Christmas Celebration

Hi guys! Christmas day is officially over, but of course, it doesn’t mean that we will forget about it.

How was your Christmas? Happy? Blue? Merry? Just okay? Fun? Incredible? Thankful? Devastated? Disappointed? Worried? Different? Mine is a combination of all of these. You might wonder why… because these descriptions could not fit together. Well, believe me, I did fit them all together in one day.

I’m happy because my family… I mean the whole family are here. And because of this, my Christmas is fun. All my uncles and aunts are dorks… well, I mean it in a good way. They joke around, laugh around, although I know that some of them aren’t really in good terms. Thanks to this day, at least for once they forgot about their conflicts.

Second, I’m happy because I got a lot of money and presents. Haha. I’m not  going to lie about this. Hehe. I am proud that even if I’m old enough already, I still received a lot. Thank you very much.

Third, because I like my Christmas clothes… It’s violet and white, and my relatives told me that it suited me. I was wearing high-heeled shoes, about three inches in height. Well, first of all, to become taller, and second to be okay in wearing high heels.

Lastly, I was happy because I got to eat as much as I could. Eating is my favourite hobby – good thing even though I eat a lot, I never get fatter. Well, I was fat before… I don’t know why my body lost weight… and to tell you, I did not have a diet. I still eat and eat… Am I sick? Perhaps not… No… I hope not.

Christmas makes me eat more. Enough said.

Blue… because I felt there something was lacking… really lacking… Perhaps… argh, never mind. It’s kind of blue. And because of that, it became just okay… Every year, Christmas comes. So… I never expect anything new… not until…

I decided not to hide from all people, and instead go with them, talk with them, joke around, and of course, ask for presents. It was so much different from other Christmas that came before yesterday.

Well, devastated, not so much… because in fact, I’m just disappointed that my expected gift did not come. Well, anyway, it’s still manageable on my part. My relatives knew that I did not pass the qualifying exam, so of course, I was very disappointed… and down. They expected much from me, because they knew that I could do anything. Well, I proved them wrong, and it hurt… but of course, I knew that they would support me no matter what.

There, my Christmas. ^^


SS3 in Guangzhou yesterday night! And I heard that it was raining… But still the boys continued to perform and did great. I also heard that they were coming back today…

I saw a lot of pictures today. KyuMin… I saw KyuMin Cinderella version. OMG. Seriously… T-T I’m going to die seeing it. Haha!

Barefooted Kyu… I saw (picture) the stage and it was wet, and I heard that Leeteuk slipped. Hey, baby (slash the baby part), please be careful… I knew that the stage would be slippery because it was raining and the venue did not have roof… so I expected that. Sungmin almost slipped as well… Don’t be too excited, guys. 😀

Santa Junior. They were wearing Santa outfits and I swear that made my day. If only I could see Teukie live wearing that Santa outfit… I swear! I MEAN I SWEAR THAT I’LL LOVE HIM FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Well, I will never forget him so… there! Even if I get married someday, he will be in the other half of my heart… Well, of course…  the other half will be for my special someone when that special day comes.

Anyway, why am I talking about mature things?

Teukie also jumped off the stage and held some ELF hands. I am not against the holding hands, because it’s perfectly normal… but what I was against was the jumping part… Haha. What if he slipped again and fell accidentally and he hurt himself and got wounds, etc.? Sorry for being paranoid… but it happened to me. Well… I knew that Teukie is not that careless and I AM CARELESS, but… we’ll never know. Good thing he landed perfectly. Oh, wait, I forgot, they would not let him fall because they love him.

Heechul’s hair suits him. It attracts a lot of people you know… He really looks like someone I know. :3

Hmm, what else… yes, everyone looked great. I hope they enjoyed the concert and enjoyed Christmas day with the fans… I’m pretty sure, they did! ^_^


No comment? But why no comment? No comment means yes… at least for me… or does it still not alright to tell? Never mind, I’ll just let him decide on things by himself. At least he did not become defensive.


I was still wondering… Why did Sir Leon became an immortal after drinking from the cup of life… while Arthur, who also drank water from the cup, did not? Well, I believed that Sir Leon drank from the cup itself… and Prince Arthur just drank the water from the cup – Merlin got the healing water from Nimueh. And why would the “balance of the world” be restored when Arthur drank the water? He did not even die in the first place… So why?

Also, why am I wondering about these episodes? Aish. I’m so weird. -_-

Internet is such a… -_- IDEKA.

Good mornight and have a blessed Sunday afterwards! Sleep well! 😀


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