(MOD POST) Merry Christmas!

It’s almost just 10 minutes before Christmas! So, to all my readers and followers, a meaningful and Merry Christmas!

My family was busy in preparing for the Noche Buena… Well, not really -_- because my parents are both asleep as of now. Where is my Baked City now? T-T My mother said that she will cook later, but it’s almost midnight! -_- What to do? Shall I cook instead?

Anyway, that aside, I am very happy, because my gift just arrived. Peace of mind… because God has message for me:

On this day, God wants you to know
… that it’s time you let go. Yes, of course, you want to control so everything happens in just the way you want it. But at the end of the day, we control nothing, – it’s all in God’s hands, – has always been, and will always be. So, do what you can, and then let go, and let God handle the rest.

So that means… it’s okay to let go, even if you will feel like this…

But of course, like what happened in Beauty and the Beast, the Beast will be turning into a beautiful man… because of true love. ♥

So I’ll let God handle the rest! I’ve done enough~♥

To move on... is the best way. Make the best out of 2011!

Yes, moving on, because it’s another year coming!

Anyway, why am I talking about New Year? It’s Christmas! Let’s share and give some gifts to everyone. It doesn’t need to be something concrete, but something abstract. If it is made of love, then the someone who will receive that gift will be happy! This is the real meaning of Christmas… and of course, you have to celebrate it with your family… and friends!

It’s our time to thank and forgive and say sorry to those people we love, hurt and of course, care.

I thank my family, my friends… and God the most.

I thank Super Junior! 🙂

Even if these guys are practicing for their concert tomorrow, I still love you all! Have a nice Christmas! So as Kangin, Hangeng and Kibum, ILY!

I thank KyuMin for completing my Christmas as well. *Pathetic, I know, but it’s life. Haha*

Who else? I guess, no one else! Haha. Joking~♥ My ultimate bias, thank you… ♥

Hey, Angel, thank you~

And Merlin is really jealous about it…

I'm going now~♥

Of course, thank you for giving me inspiration, Merlin. Haha. Because of you, I feel like I am somebody… even though I’m just nobody for others, I still have that something that others don’t have.

So there… 🙂 I’m wishing you a blessed Christmas! Time to enjoy mine!

With the one I love~♥

Goodnight and once again! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

P.S. -_- My Noche Buena… it’s ruined! D: Baked City… WHERE!?


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