(RP) Planning… to…

Nagtatangka akong sumulat sa visitors’ page ng cyworld ni Jungsoo, pero hindi ako marunong kaya hindi na lang… Haha!

I just read something, Hyukkie is against revealing relationship publicly to protect him and the one he loves? That is so sweet… Seriously.

But… it will hurt a lot in their part. Of course, normally, lovers want to expose their relationship to everyone, because it’s a sign that they want to be with each other forever. Although, of course, the case of Hyukkie and his girlfriend is different, right? (Take note: I am not saying that Eunhyuk has a girlfriend already. And so what if he has? He is still cute, right?)

Honestly, I think that if any of the boys (Teukie included) has the one they love, or even girlfriends, they should reveal their relationship semi-publicly. What am I saying? Semi-publicly means  implying something in general public which some may guess, some may know, some may be ignorant, some may not pay attention, some may believe, some may not. Best way to do that is by joking. Just don’t be too revealing… e.g. mentioning names in front of the camera, etc.

It is the only way to be free… without even lying to everyone, especially to the one who cherishes the relationship so much… It is also beneficial to us fans, so give us a clue… It’s difficult for the others who are really hoping that their fantasies will be their realities. If they really care, then… it will be alright, right?

Good thing I already woke up. Just yesterday…

If it is about career,the one which is important and urgent should come first. Someone may lose one if he makes a wrong decision… just like in movies… but they can be maintained if someone makes the right decision.

Also, don’t be too late. If someone knows about that relationship through others, then it will be worse. Based on experience.

But everything else, it’s your own decision that will prevail.

Woo, I look like an advising mom… ♥ But it doesn’t matter.


Nevertheless… I was pissed because of my grades. I got three 1.5’s this term and I was very serious in studying. I guess, it’s not enough. The two other subjects are good… but those three… T-T I wanted to cry so badly.

But what will crying do? It will just make me feel that I am nobody. Of course, I am somebody! I promised that I’ll be stronger… and I’ll stand up no matter what. Grades don’t need tears to get high, but success needs sweat, blood and tears to be it.

If others can, why can’t I? I did become an honor student since kindergarten up to high school, so why not in college? Failures are just meant to make someone stronger. This is my philosophy. I have to learn from my mistakes in the past.

Setting grades aside, I must be happy this Christmas and New Year. Only two days before Christmas! Yehey! And nine days before New Year! Woo! It’s Colin and Sungmin’s birthday! They are both turning 25 (26 for Sungmin – Korean age).

And of course, I’m still expecting my gifts for Christmas… One gift is enough to make me happy… to have a complete day.

Wait, speaking of Christmas gift, I already received one today. Guess what…


What more can I receive this Christmas (Teuk also) but my favorite pairing? Sungmin was the first one to watch Kyu in his musical “The Three Musketeers” as D’Artagnan. This was taken one hour ago before the musical according to someone in Twitter and Tumblr… And I really squealed when I saw the picture. Sungmin is so sweet to see Kyu’s act. I hope that he would become proud of his friend (just to be safe, but I really want something bigger than this word) who just debuted in a musical stage.

Wah, sweet! When would others go? I thought it was photoshopped but… good thing it wasn’t. It’s real! I was not dreaming. I hope Ming did not get jealous with the kissing scene… /delusional

Anyway, it’s already three in the morning here… so… good mornight!

P.S. I miss Teukie… When he was sick, I pretended not to care at all, but seriously, it affected me a lot. Haha. /Again, being emotional and irrational… sorry~♥


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