(RP) Christmas Break!

Finally! Christmas break… my Christmas break starts now.

And the qualifying exam was so difficult. -_- If I do not pass, then I would shift to another course… it would be so hard for me… because… I sacrificed a lot of time, effort, and money. I would not let those get to waste.

I’ll know the results tomorrow. Gosh, I’m nervous… still nervous.

Short-term – SS3. Long-term – My life.

My heart has been trembling for the whole day now. Please… stop.

I did my best. And I’ll know tomorrow if my best is not good enough.

Anyway, it’s Christmas, so I’ll enjoy my two-week vacation without any regrets, or feeling of… sadness. I hope there would always be happiness.

But is it possible?

Not dooms day please… I want to be a second-honor DL. And a qualifying exam passer. Tomorrow. In one day, please? Even just one of those.

God, thank you very much.


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