(RP) Awake

Well, as my title showed… I was awake for the whole night… -_-

My grandfather was taken to the hospital and my mother let me go with him, my father and my grandmother. At 1 am, we were on the road… And it was my first time traveling at 1 am, so I was amazed that there were less cars on the road.

We arrived at the hospital, and my grandfather was taken to the emergency room. He was suffering from severe cough, so he wanted to go to the hospital because he said he might die… Well, he always says that when he has a cough though. But this time it’s different because his sugar was high, so his cough is more severe. He had ECG, then he was given a dextrose, etc. He did not want to be confined… so, there. I was awake the whole night… Waiting for him to go home… my grandma was asleep… and I was bored because I did not bring my celphone nor my laptop… so there. No TV, only radio… And it was so cold in the room. I thought I would be seeing some action… Well I did see one, but it did not satisfy me… there was nothing actually.

Because it was cold, I went out to hum Hoot, then Hot Times, then Miss You, then Hoot again, then No Other, then It Has to Be You, then sang Can You Hear Me?, Don’t Forget, If, both Korean and English version. I did not care if the security guard was there… I was really bored…

At 3 am, I bought Mini Stop sundae and ate it. It was delicious…

Speaking of Mini Stop, I bought mineral water and the guy manning the cashier asked me, “You are the daughter of Ninang Mila, aren’t you?” I was confused at first, because I didn’t understand what he was saying. And then he repeated… and I said yes. He asked me again who was confined, I said my Lolo Rod, then he said, “Ah, Amang Rod.” But what the heck, I thought, how did he know my mother and my lolo… Well, I didn’t hear the word Ninang, so I thought… Is my family really famous? Haha. What a joke. Then I saw his name tag, and I asked my father about him, and he explained me that he was their godchild. I thought, for at least a second, I was famous. Haha.

Well, speaking of my father… I guess we’re okay now… We were talking again to each other. We had a misunderstanding before, right?

At least this day was a nice experience.

But I thought I would be  sleeping for many hours today. -_-

Good morning though!

P.S. It’s Tomi’s birthday today! So that’s why I felt that December 15 is a special day…

P.P.S. I wonder how this blog with work now… 😦 I can’t find its meaning now… T-T Why!? D:

P.P.P.S. Let me spazz about Leeteuk and Eunhyuk’s outfits yesterday in uhm… SUKIRA OPEN BROADCAST! Well done! You both look awesome! DHKADALKS Apparently, I felt happy! Seriously! 🙂 Okay I’ll stop spazzing now… I’ll start spazzing again after I pass the qualifying exams. YEY!

P.P.P.P.S. Christmas is near, and so as Sungmin and Colin’s birthday. My two Merlins were born on the same date and year. COINCINDENCE MUCH?


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