(RP) Hell Week

I just finished reviewing 3 chapters of the book with 594 pages! Well, it’s a big success… but no… for me it’s not… because there are almost/more than 20 chapters left. FML. Good thing, two months earlier, I started to prepare some summary papers. There were only 7 chapters which did not have summary papers. So, I have to read 4 chapters tomorrow for 2 hours, and 4 hours for the summaries. Will I be able to do that? Of course I can… I hope there will no distraction… No Internet! I must sacrifice.

Hours ago, I passed my take-home exam. I hope I did well… because it was so difficult. My papers were also submitted… next test will be the one I was reviewing earlier… philosophy on Thursday and my most awaited qualifying exam on Monday. I must pass this time. I must or I will not watch SS3 even if I bought my ticket already… I will give them to the people in need then. If I don’t pass, there would be no chance to pursue accountancy. T_T

Today… well yestersday… is the start of hell week for most students in the Philippines. It’s not only final exams week but also final papers, projects and get-together week. Your most beloved classmates are not your classmates anymore… After Christmas vacation, you might see them again, in the school corridors, in the library (well, I don’t go there that much so… nah), or maybe in your classrooms because you are classmates again! Most nicely, your crush will be waiting for you in your classroom.

Aish, why was I talking about Christmas vacation again?

I was lurking in Tumblr… and I saw some… pictures of Leeteuk (SJ Foresight) who has his hair nicely done (my favorite hairstyle). He was wearing black shades, black leather jacket with white inside shirt (?). He looks like a rock star… although I don’t have the taste for rock star, it makes him so attractive and pleasing to look at. What am I saying? Well, I like him to wear black more often (to be more specific, black leather jacket). Well of course, with matching white clothes/accessories… I would not want to remove it from him. Haha. I talk like a fashion guru or whatnot… -_- Like he would obey me…

But anyway… I was attracted to Teuk when he wore black outfit when he replaced Onew in Ring Ding Dong before. Speaking of Onew, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE JINKI CHICKEN! Haha.

Back to the topic… there. I also saw him in Sukira a while ago (not that I went there to see him, but just through a video) wearing a black jacket like *keyboard smash*. It looks good on him. What’s with black anyways… black and white to be exact? Why do both colors look good on him? It’s not that I’m complaining… Maybe because I was so biased that every thing looks good on him… But no… it was awesome… very awesome. Wait, was it black or was it dark blue jacket? My eyes are already… half-closed. On the other hand, yellow doesn’t suit him best… yellow and white do. But I like him wearing yellow also.

As for Hyukkie, who was wearing black t-shirt as well… OMG. He looks good too. What’s with black? Haha. I don’t say he does not look good when he does not wear black, in fact he does. He looks more handsome with a yellow one. Or a light blue one. Haha. Black doesn’t suit him best… in my opinion. But he still looks good to me.

Kyuhyun was wearing a black shirt too in a radio show. What’s with his eyes? Why was he wearing sunglasses all the time? Was he punched by Min in the eyes because he caught him cheating with him? Sorry for being a delusional KyuMin fan here… I think of the most impossible (or most possible) things about them. Haha. As I could infer, I think his right eye was inflamed or something… but I’m not sure. Can you tell me why? It’s not that I don’t like seeing him with sunglasses, because I tell you it’s hot. As for clothes, Well, he looks good with black… White, not so much…

Who am I to criticize? I myself don’t know how to dress up properly. -_- And why am I talking about colors? Silly me… I must be too tired of studying…

Good night. See you later at night… If I have something to blog about…

P.S. TaeTeuk is real, I tell you, that’s why it hurts… They are so real! Well, I love both of them… but it really hurts to see them together… T-T I want them to be true someday though, because it’s only Taeyeon I can entrust Jungsoo. Haha! /delusional fangirl is me.

P.P.S. Okay then, bash me… Yey! I’ll gladly take it. 🙂



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