(RP) My Dream Last Night

I don’t know if I would be happy about that dream. Haha.

The people in the entire university turned into zombies. Oh, you can just imagine the terror when the zombies were running after you… But well, it did not happen. I was asking myself why… Then I continued going upstairs using elevator with a friend, I’m not so sure who.

Then we got up, and I went to the restroom. I read a newspaper, I think, saying that people would only go back to normal if I marry that guy I don’t even remember who. I know I knew him, but I could not remember him for real. So I went directly to his office with my friend and met him, telling him that I would marry him. He was happy, because he is in love (?) with me.

But I think someone just arrived and I realized that I fell in love with another man, so, I called off the wedding. The ‘boss’ was so furious that he ordered the zombies to kill the man I loved…

So I…

I don’t know what’s next… maybe because I was sleeping late. XD

Anyways… IDEK.

I wanted to write KyuMin fics, but my eyes are half closed already. So… and I wanted to get up early tomorrow. Haha…

Tests… it kills me. T-T



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