(RP) SS3 Ticket

Alright. I planned to buy Super Show 3 ticket last December 1, 2010, when the tickets were officially released. But fate just hated me.

No, it was my choice not to buy that day.

So I planned to reserve two tickets for me and my sister for Upper Box A Center, and I reserved online at 9:30 am. So because others already reserved through phones (practically, the seats were already taken), and I just received my confirmation e-mail at 5:00pm, so they regretted to inform me that the seats I wanted were already taken. And because I knew that the tickets reserved would be forfeited by the time people who did not claim their tickets after a day, I thought that I would have a chance to grab UB-A tickets. But I called day after day and they told me that only SVIP and UB-B tickets were available. Once, I called, and they informed me that one UB-A ticket was available, but I did not purchase it because I had to get a ticket for my sister as well. It was a good chance, but I chose not to get it. So I planned to call the next day, and still no available UB-A tickets. So I lost hope and reserved for UB-B Center. So today, I got my confirmation e-mail, and said that my chose seats were reserved and I should get it tomorrow.

My problem is, what if they would open UB-A seats again(because they haven’t sold all of them and just a portion yet) , and if I already purchased the UB-B tickets?

I would like to get a good seat as much as possible, because I saved enough money. My reserved seats were on Row H, Section 403, Seat 24&25. Shall I get them tomorrow? Do those seats have a clear and good view? As far as I know, it has. I also saw the view, and it was okay. It’s not that far, but it’s far. Or, shall I wait for another batch to open?

Please help me decide. Haha. Another batch may open, or I might just end up not getting anything. 🙂


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