(RP) It’s Confirmed!

LOL. That sentence makes thousands of fangirls, including me, crazy. Yes… that word is as powerful as it can be.

Yes, Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung are dating. That’s one… is true. However… some others are all rumors.

I’m happy for Jonghyun! Good job, Jjong, you admitted it to the public, although you know what it will take. Seriously, I admire his strength to tell it publicly… unlike the others who are… still in silence *YUCK I SOUNDED LIKE AN ASSASSIN*.

I’m happy for Sekyung though, because she has Jjong to protect her from the antis who are starting to bombard her with hateful comments. Seriously guys, I have never seen Jonghyun that happy since I saw those pics… We know that it’s his decision so why stop him?

And Leeteuk, WAYLT? You gave hints already. XD You are such a cutie (?). NO. MORE OF A CREEPER… A GORGEOUS CREEPER. XD Sorry. =))


As for you, Park Jungsoo. Just confirm it already too. LOL.
Or find a girl if you have no one. 😀


Okay then… IT’S CONFIRMED!
Colin and Bradley are such cuties… I can’t even resist! LOL.
And I could exchange you from Teuk. XD
Well, Merlin will do~♥

And am I shifting to a new fandom?
Please, just no… 😀


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