(RP) Not Exactly…

Geez… a tiring day…
I’ll show you… I’ll be better. I’ll widen my vocabulary from now on… I really looked dumb, stupid or whatnot back then… And I really wanted to cry…

But why would I cry? I won’t give up… I might be the stupidest person you would ever encounter but… I’ll show you. I’ll be one of the best.


What if I experience that 2 minutes and 17 seconds of blackout? Will I still be alive? Take note… I was shocked to know… 137 seconds.


Even if I can see you face to face, even if I can touch you easily, I won’t do that. Why? Because I believe you guys should still have a personal space… I might scream out of happiness when I see you in person, but… it will only last long for a minute… Seriously…


I don’t really miss you… I’m afraid that I cannot hold longer anymore. I’m going back to my reality… thank you for fulfilling my fantasy even for a year and 1/64.


Goodnight… I should be studying now… But laziness is attacking.


NP: When Falling in Love With a Friend – Ryeowook and Beige ♥♥♥


Ground Zero Philosophy…


Ang haba ng post na ito… Pero I’ll end it with this:
Ang bobo mo. Bagay talaga tayo. LUL. Hehe.



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