(RP) The Secret Behind Immortalsoul123

Weehee. I just realized this earlier…

I came to ask myself, why did I ever name my blog immortalsoul123? Actually, I did not know why. It just came into my mind. The first thing that went inside my mind was this name.

Then later, I mean, just an hour ago, I thought that maybe, this username was unknowingly linked to Leeteuk and such… I said before that I would never like him… I don’t know why I ate those words now. LOL.

I guess it’s fate that leads me to use this username. I believe, angels are souls that are immortal. Leeteuk is an angel… so Leeteuk is somehow an immortal soul. He will continue to exist in my heart…

Oh, the analysis is… >_< However… I think this is the hidden reason behind it.


P.S. I don’t know with 123 though. πŸ˜€



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