(RP) Life is Meaningful

Life is meaningful because… if it is not, then people shall be killing themselves now. But no, people stayed living life to its fullest. Even though they haven’t really found their purpose in doing so, I guess they live because they find something very significant for them… their family, friends, and love. Why do people do this? Because people wants to be happy amidst in all these sufferings that they have been facing. God gave this challenges in order for us to feel happiness.

Personally, I think, life is something to be cherished for. I am concentrating on what I am doing right now, instead of focusing more on the future. Although there is suffering, I believe, God still exists because He still gave me even 1% of happiness in my life.

And life is indeed meaningful for me. I am living because He told me so.


Oh yes, Leeteuk has been too pale and thin these days. I think he is thinking too much about everything. I hope he would be okay… I seriously want to cry when I see him suffering… Seriously. I don’t even know why. I am usually a tear-jerker, so it’s natural for me. But Teukie? There was something different.

We are fulfilling what you wished, now, please fulfill our wish for you. Guys, if there is a need to sacrifice, then it’s better to do it than not to do it at all. Baka magsisi tayo sa huli.


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