(RP) Partly Cloudy

Aside from plugging, which I did before, now, I want to share a video to you. It is a six-minute short film by Pixar and it is called “Partly Cloudy”. It is about clouds who make offsprings and babies, and storks which deliver them. One cloud, different from the others, creates offsprings for “dangerous” animals, and the stork which delivers them always get hurt. Well, basically, these offsprings are not that “friendly” to the stork.

What I liked about this short film was there was a twist which was too unexpected. Well, others might have guessed it already, but… Let’s see.

credit: MrPeliculoon2@youtube

Clue: I cried so much. Even for a five-minute scene. Guess what scene was that.


Good evening! 😀 I love you!


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