(RP) This is What I Call True Happiness

This is not a fic. LOL. But the title seemed to be a fic, right? But it’s not. XD

Yey, my final exams were all done. Just the qualifying exam. I hope I’d pass Accounting for Partnership and Corporation, then the qualifying examinations. ๐Ÿ˜€


But that is anot related to my title, though. XD

The title is about these pics:

This is what I call true happiness...

See Teuk’s smile? I think that’s the realest smile I’ve ever seen, when it comes to Leeteuk… Though he smiles a lot, there is something lacking in those smiles… however, that smile, when he was pouring the water to Taeyeon… you can see that he is really happy. No I’m not bitter. Why should I be, lol. XD

Do you know what I feel about this picture?

Do you know what I feel about this picture? Do you really want to know? Here it goes… THE WATER IS EPIC! XD Look at the bottle, its mouth is pointed to Taengoo’s head, but the water is drifting away from her head. LOL.

I know, I get it… It’s photo effect… XD I am not that noob to think that Teuk had moved he bottle forward before someone took that picture. Honestly, it’s sweet.

I hope that they are really dating. I approve of TaeTeuk actually, because I think she’s the best one for him. Teuk should marry now. To anyone especially Taengoo, but of course, he should introduce her to all of us. Date then marry, too fast, but it’s okay. Time is running fast as well!

No bashing people.

Now… I will finish the paper in Statisics. ๐Ÿ™‚


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