(RP) Ack.

Why do I even post here? Did I tell myself to stop for a while? I’m so incoherent.

I slept at four in the afternoon after I had arrived from a mall. I woke up at seven-thirty in the evening. I looked at the clock and thought it was already morning. Geez, why am I always like that when I fall asleep in late afternoon? I always think that it is already morning, and no one wakes me up for my class. It was too late when I realized that the sky was dark, and it was still nighttime.


I actually need to talk to someone right now… He’s… uhm, lost. Figuratively lost. If only I can go right to his house, then it would be okay. I will slap him to wake him up.

“Come on! Slap me back if you want! I have to wake you up. I miss the old you!”

I cannot do that, of course. I am no one. He might not be slapped by anyone before, including his mother, so why would and should I?

Someone has to give him something he needs, and that’s not me. I am really when a friend of his told him words of encouragement. I would want to be someone important to him, although it’s very impossible. It will never happen. Someone must have been more important to him. And he has to search for it.

Ah, blahs. I don’t want to solve his problem. It’s his anyway. But you, yes that person who can help him realize that he is important, help him realize the consequences of everything that he will do.

It’s not wrong to express your feelings if you’re hurt, if you’re happy, if you’re angry… but there is always this: there is always one person who is willing to lend an ear and willing to listen. This person may not be the best person to ease your pain and to share with your happiness, but this person may somehow becomes the right person for you to open up. This person may not understand how you feel, but this person becomes the right person who can understand who you are and makes you feel that you are also a person.

To the world, you must only be one person, but to one person, you must be this person’s world.

I would want to be his inspiration. His world. His one and only love.

So… I can just live my fantasy… hmm?


Inspiration… I need one. Darn it.

My qualifying examinations are near, and so are my final examinations. This is a do or die. I already made a deal. If I pass the examinations, then my parents would let me watch Super Show 3 and of course, they would be buying the VVIP ticket for me – all expenses are theirs. But if I fail, then my savings would go to them, and I would not be able to watch SS3. I accepted the deal. So there is no turning back. I need to focus now. I need to study. Let’s say for a short-term benefit, that is to watch SS3 without incurring expenses, and for a long-term benefit, that is in order to become successful, I need to take the right way.

So, see you until then. Ana, jjang! Heehee.


I just want to say this. It’s been a long time since I last said this. So…

I love you, Mr. Park Jungsoo~♥ Don’t be too worried anymore… ^^

Ana gets bricked, shot and slashed for a cheesy statement. Cheese corn!

“Soul is immortal, I believe it.” <- I just saw this somewhere. LOL. But… Angels are immortal~♥

Okay goodnight, but I'm not yet going to sleep, I need to study.

I have a make up class tomorrow. Aargh. 😐 I don't have a good feeling about it. But on the lighter note, I will be able to see my OTP… ♥♥♥


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