(MOD POST) Sorry

I think we all know what happened in the Philippines just this morning. I am humbly apologizing, in behalf of my countrymen, to all the victims and Hong Kong nationals who were affected by the incident.

I know that Rolando Mendoza did something wrong. But as a Filipino, I don’t feel ashamed that I am a Filipino.

But it is also wrong that some people are generalizing us as criminals, and bad people. As a Filipino, I am greatly hurt. If only I or we can do something to change your view about Filipinos. Philippines is a wonderful country. Even if I was not a Filipino, I would proudly say that it is one of the best in the world. Don’t hesitate to visit our country, or invest on us, because I’m sure that the government is planning and doing and acting now to ensure that our country is safe. Filipinos are the kindest people I have ever known. So please, a mistake of one is not a mistake of all. I still believe that we are an awesome country.

I pray for the souls of the hostage victims. I also pray for the soul of the hostage taker that  he may still find peace. I pray that our dear Lord will guide us and bless us. And lastly, I pray that every Filipino will not be ashamed that he is a Filipino.

P.S. Venus Raj, I know you can do it tomorrow! Regain our pride back, okay? God bless!


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