(MOD POST) Happy 4th Anniversary KyuMin!

Yeepee. I’m so insane that I remembered their ‘anniversary’ (actually, I just heard it from Rai@SJW, so I failed, again. Heehee. XD). Actually, I don’t know when exactly is their ‘anniversary’. But all I can say, I love you guys… KyuMin is still my number 1, because they make me happy, and they inspire me. Seriously… I know that you two are best of friends… and I am jealous of your friendship (well… I WISH!).

They are my favorite couple since I first saw Super Junior. Seriously… I have a picture folder of them, bigger than any other pic folder. Yes, I’m a KyuMin shipper. Freight-in and freight-out. I am also proud to be your managing partner! Oh yeah, what am I blabbering about? I’m incoherent. But well anyway… good luck to you guys! To your future careers and friendship~

Sungmin, don’t be too down, okay? Kyuhyun, take care of him, or else… Wait, it’s the other way around… Sungmin has to take care of the magnae… but it’s better if it’s otherwise! Okay I’m incoherent, kill me now…

You two always make my day whenever or whatever the situation is. I love you guys! I’ll just pretend that you two are my best friends as well. If only! 😀

I don’t care even if they are not real. I know it can never be real… But still, they exist. And still, they have real friendship. I hope~ *winks*!

Okay, here is a video:

credit: heartquakeeee@youtube.com

CHOLEE, 137, Joy, fibonacci, KyuMin couple! FTW!

And my video for them. LOL


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